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Will the Minimum Wage Continue to Increase?

Changes on Minimum Wage

Alexander Djerassi was an outsider colleague in the attribution of international peace. His research process majorly focused on the application of foreign policies. Majorly the African and Middle East countries were studied. He has been in the Arab states performing various tasks that involve all aspects of strategizing democracy and civil society. Through in-depth research, he realized that many organizations are falling among several countries. Remote regions have been neglected and not prioritized anymore. A large number of employees are concerned about their future standards of living, and the newly involved view relatively no room for opportunities to move and search a job market elsewhere. Lack of objectives in these organizations contributes to no need of making significant plans, and rehabilitations are difficult to catch.

According to Djerassi businesses do not address all issues in the dissolving neighborhood, although it always gives pieces of advice that answer several questions. The business stakeholders are known for their actions as pioneers and occupational producers, as well as returning their success to society. The creation of job opportunities is a social responsibility and an advantage of entrepreneurship in a community. The level of entrepreneurial development determines the wages of the people hence the standards of living. Projects in any society should majorly involve the insiders first before carrying out outsourcing activity if it is necessary. There is a relationship between the minimum wage of people and the rate of unemployment and casual employment. Through the study of the relations, one can pinpoint the potential causes of increasing the minimum wage.

Alexander Djerassi believes that in most developing countries with the majority of casual employment based on survival practices, minimum wage increases can lead to a shift in informal employment. The main reason for the increase in casual employment is that formal workers losing their jobs are swallowed away by the informal sector of the economy. Generally, businesses have various mechanisms for smashing the added labor costs. Based on any features of the labor market in emerging economies, it is obvious that businesses encountered with increased labor costs will make use of the available resources to less than effective channels, which tends to affect the productivity and the labor market as a whole. Most of those workers affected by minimum wage increases are the less qualified workers who do not have better skills to prioritize themselves in job markets.

The expertise selected can combine in-depth local knowledge with the help of those living there with an incisive comparative analysis to examine economic, sociopolitical, and strategic interests in the Arab world. This is met through a detailed study in the Arab countries, and the exploration of significant crosscutting values. Provision of analysis and recommendations in both English and Arabic was essential. It provided a deeply informed knowledge and views from the people in the particular society. . The signing of a free trade agreement among countries has influenced the minimum wages. The agreements bore with the political disparities and remain in place today. An example of this relationship is the Turkish and Egyptian agreements.