ADSS platform review and rating (2024)

ADSS platform review and rating (2024)

ADSS was established in 2010 in Abu Dhabi, the UAE. It is an execution-only broker, and it caters toretail and professional traders and institutional investors. It is licensed in the UAE by the SCA, and it is also registered as a limited liability company locally.

ADSS, headquartered in the UAE, is a leading brokerin the GCC region, providing market access to the spot FX market and CFDs on equities, commodities, currencies, indices, and cryptocurrencies. There is 24/5 supportfor clients, available in English, Arabic, French, Hindi, Turkish, and Urdu.

In this review, we look at the ADSS trading platform and its functionalities and provide you with a rating and our opinion on the broker’s proprietary solution. For a review of the broker’s product offering, account types, and more, you can find information in this ADSS Revieweek article.

Our rating of the ADSS trading platform

We give the ADSS trading platform 4 stars out of 5. There is a lot to be happy about in this platform that appears so simple yet packs so much in its simplicity. The only downside is that there is limited functionality compared to MT4 – though that in itself is a point to discuss in another post, because MT4 is one of the most feature-rich platforms out there – to the point that it may potentially complicate or overwhelm.

As intermediate traders, the ADSS trading platform provides a robust trading experience. ADSS provides fast execution with minimal slippage, and the platform has strong performance with a full set of trading tools and indicators that are well-designed in placement and functionality.

The ADSS trading platform: overview

ADSS offers traders to choose from two platforms – MT4 or their proprietary solution, the ADSS trading platform. The ADSS trading platform is available for use for both demo and live account holders, and it can be used on desktop, web, and mobile. Our first impression of the platform is that it is a simple one – without necessarily compromising performance. It has a minimal design, and the interface is clean. It comes with a darker background, with lighter fonts and colours used against it.

The ADSS trading platform: interface and main features

The first thing to talk about when it comes to features of the ADSS trading platform is the interface. There is a single chart view that takes up most of the screen, and this chart can be customised in several ways:

  • By adjusting the timeframes – there are 15 available – between 1 minute and 6 months.
  • By enlarging further to take up more of the screen.
  • By adjusting the view of the chart – there are 5 chart types: candle, line, mountain, Heikin-Ashi, and OHLC.

There are five modules on the left of the chart, and it showcases Products, a Watchlist, Positions, Orders, and History panels.

  • Products: All tradable products are showcased, and there is a search bar that allows traders to quickly find the instrument that they are interested in. The product list can also be filtered.
  • Watchlist: Products can be ‘favourited’ and added to the watchlist for faster tracking.
  • Positions: Live trades can be viewed, and products are grouped together. There is information on margin usage, open P&L, current market price, price at trade open, and position size.
  • Orders: Information related to working orders are shown in real-time, including details of the date/time the order was created, trade size in lots, latest market price, linked orders, and order expiry type.
  • History: All activity in the account is shown, including trade activity, cash transactions (deposits or withdrawals), P&L, and charges.

Overall, the streamlined ADSS interface is anything but lacking in feature and function, despite its simplistic look. There is much information contained in the side panels, and the prominent chart placement is just a presentation of a clean workspace that may be favoured by less advanced traders – or advanced traders who do not want clutter.

Placing a trade on the ADSS platform

With a Classic account (designed for retail traders), we have found that the process of placing trades on the platform is simple and straightforward:

  1. Select a product to activate the order ticket and selecting your parameters.
  2. Enter trade information – buy or sell, trade size, and customisable options for advanced order entry.
  3. Confirm and place the trade.

There is a Trade Review screen that allows you to review the trade parameters before submitting an order. If the order is filled successfully, there will be a confirmation on the Trade Complete screen. There is also the option, at this stage, to cancel the order request to return to the product screen.

Potential limitations of the ADSS platform

The platform is not perfect in that it may not be a good match for all traders. But the same can be said of most platforms. For ADSS, their platform appears to be best suited for beginner and intermediate traders, due to its lack of more advanced tools. 

Compared to MT4, which is the other platform that ADSS offers its demo and live traders, the ADSS platform does not have Expert Advisor (EA) or similar plugins that can facilitate automated trading, nor does it come with an existing community like MetaTrader, which allows traders to copy trade and build trading signals.

The ADSS platform also has a single, concentrated charting view, which may be a limitation for those looking to monitor multiple instruments at the same time. However, as mentioned – these may be concerns more aligned with advanced traders who want to execute more complex strategies. For beginner and intermediate traders, the ADSS trading platform is a perfectly good solution that can handle most trading needs and requests.