Louisville's best breweries

Louisville’s Best Breweries

Louisville is a city which prides itself on its authenticity and community. The food, the events, and most importantly the breweries, are universally beloved and intensely unique. For those that love beer in particular though, the options are nearly endless. Not only do the alcoholic options have a good variety, but the breweries themselves offer lots of thematic diversity. 


Butchertown Brewing Company, for example, is a newer brewery known for high gravity brewed beers. It’s decal and venue airs on the simple side though, with a more subdued and comfortable vibe. This runs in direct contrast to a brewery like Mile Wide Beer Co. This spot offers board games, video games, an integrated pizza restaurant, and a busy location. It’s known for its dark beers in part but more than anything for its environment. 


Both Butchertown and Mile Wide Beer can be contrasted with Monnik Beer Co., a place which does it all. Its venue is upscale and elegant but still attracts large crowds, while its beer is Belgian-style and quite unique. It doesn’t emphasize beer or venue, instead it just opts to do both well. 


Against the Grain Brewery and Public House is another spot which manages this balance well. It’s a newer place which prides itself on being distinct from the other breweries in the area. It emphasizes the dive bar, burger filled, classic beer downing feel that some other breweries lack. At the same time, the beers and food are beloved and have patrons coming back over and over.

These are just a few of the unique breweries present in Louisville. There’s a place for anything a beer-lover is looking for. Have a desire for unique and foreign beers? Make sure to check out Monnik Beer Co. Want a fun venue? Make sure to find your way to Mile Wide Beer Co. Even for those trying to enjoy a classic dive bar, enjoy the elevated Grain Brewery. Louisville can account for anyone and everyone, at least in terms of beer.