Why You Should Hire a Yacht for Your Next Holiday

When you think of yacht holidays, you may think they are reserved for billionaires. We certainly see a lot of tabloid pictures of royalty and celebrities enjoying sailing around the world in their yachts. But you don’t have to be super-rich or famous to hire a yacht and enjoy the water. Here are some reasons why everyone should consider yacht hire when they go overseas.

It opens up a lot more places to see

When you hire a yacht, you get to:

  • Enjoy peaceful, natural surroundings without others in site
  • Swim in the sea without needing to sit on a crowded beach
  • Visit beaches that are inaccessible by road
  • Set your own pace – without traffic or timetables, you can decide what to do and when

Hiring a boat is especially useful in places like Thailand, where the busiest destinations tend to get crowded in high season. Book Boat Hire Phuket and you avoid needing to use public transport or taking part in a tour, you can just do your own thing and find uninhabited islands and beaches.

It feels like a luxury

Even though boat hire isn’t necessarily very expensive, it feels like a luxurious trip. As many articles have shown, yachting is the ultimate in luxury. You simply can’t get the same level of privacy and comfort with any other form of transport or travel. It’s a good way to have a relaxing break, as you aren’t rushing from place to place, and it’s nice and peaceful out in the water.

You can split the cost

While a yacht may sound out of your price range, if you split the cost with family or friends, it can be surprisingly affordable. You should make a budget, based on the average cost of a holiday, then research the kind of boat you can afford based on this amount.

In some ways, a boating holiday can be cheaper than being on dry land. You simply load up with food and drinks in town, then hit the water. You don’t need to spend a lot when you are traveling by boat, as you’ll no doubt spend a lot of time swimming, snorkelling and simply enjoying the view, which is free.

There are many types of boat available

When you think ‘yacht’, you may picture one of the huge mega-yachts, but the good thing is, there are boats to suit all party sizes. You can find a small, easy to drive boat that’s perfect for two, or hire a huge boat with multiple cabins and crew to drive you around. It really depends on your party and their budget.

Planning your next break? Why not make a boat trip part of your holiday? It might not cost as much as you think and this kind of break has so many advantages. You’ll no doubt love seeing the unspoiled scenery that you can only reach by water, and you can avoid the crowds even in high season, seeing places that other people don’t get to.