Should You Fly or Drive? Top 5 Factors for Moving Cross Country

Cross country moving is always a big task. Whether you’re moving across the country for family, for work, or for a change of pace, one of the biggest questions is if you should fly or drive to your new home.

A long distance move means there is a lot to consider. Flying or driving to your final destination will be based on your current situation, how many belongings you have to move, your budget, and how many people are going with you. Here are the top five factors to consider on whether to fly or drive for moving cross country.


How Far Are You Going?

The general rule of thumb is that the further away you’re moving, the more likely you’ll fly there. This is because if you need to travel thousands of miles then driving might not be a good option because of the gas, food, and overnight hotel stays. If driving is better for your budget (more on budgeting later), then take into account that a multi-day trip may be in order.


How Much Time Do You Have to Move?

A big factor into deciding whether to drive or fly to your new home is how much time you have to make the big move. The less time you have, the more likely you’ll need to fly. This is also true if you have less time to move in addition to a greater distance to go. However, if you have an ample amount of time to finish the move, then driving would be a good option to save on the airfare.


Do You Need to Move a Car?

Moving a car can be a daunting task, especially if there are thousands of miles between you and your new home. If you’re up for a road trip then driving your car would be a great way to take advantage of the move as a vacation. However, if you don’t have much time to complete the move, then have your car professionally transported so that you can fly and the car can meet you at your destination.


How Many Belongings Do You Need to Move?

If you don’t need to move large pieces of furniture or a lot of belongings, then driving your car with your belongings packed with you can be the best budget-friendly solution to a cross country move. If you do need to move large furniture or a lot of items then hiring professional movers to transport all of your belongings while you fly to your new home might be the easier logistic solution.


What’s Your Budget?

When it comes to moving cross country and choosing to drive or fly, it ultimately comes down to your budget. If you have a big budget to make the move happen, then the fastest and easiest way to move long distances is to fly. But if airfare is high at the time that you need to make the move (such as during the holiday season) then driving might be better for your budget even if you need to stay overnight at hotels. Make sure to do a budget comparison between driving and flying, and consider all the possible expenses for each so you can make an informed decision that fits your budget.


Cross country moves are a big undertaking that needs a lot of thought, planning, budgeting, and consideration. Think about all the possible situations for both flying and driving, and what your budget can ultimately accommodate, to make the best decision for your long distance move.