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Cost-Cutting Techniques When Buying Furniture

Furnishing a new home can be expensive, but it doesn’t have to break the bank. Here are some clever ways to save money on furniture. Ask a salesperson about upcoming warehouse sales. Furniture stores often hold these several times yearly to sell off overstock, floor samples and returns.

Shop Online

Furnishing a home or re-upholstering your current furniture can be expensive. Fortunately, there are methods to save money on furniture without waiting for a sale or purchasing used.

Furniture stores purchase their inventory from the same manufacturers, so your favorite piece is sold at discount stores or online. The difference is that those discount outlets often sell their items as-is, which can be a great way to get the look you want without spending top dollar.

Additionally, comparing prices online before you buy is always possible, which can make a big difference in your bottom line. Finally, remember that it’s possible to use Ashley Furniture coupons when buying online. Many people forget that you can sometimes score a real deal on big-ticket items by shopping around and doing some research. Likewise, you can sometimes save by purchasing an item in-store and then ordering a custom fabric or finish for it online.

Shop in Person

When you shop for furniture in person, you can try different styles and fabrics to ensure you’re happy with your purchase. It’s also often possible to negotiate the price. It is true at smaller furniture stores and when buying from individual sellers on sites. Depending on your circumstances, this might be a simple method to save a lot of money on high-quality furniture—possibly hundreds of dollars.

When shopping in stores, try to time your purchase according to annual sale periods. For example, many retailers offer steep discounts around Memorial Day weekend and Black Friday. You can save money by signing up for a retailer’s email list or credit card rewards program. Many furniture retailers also offer first-time customer discounts.

In addition, many store employees work off commission or have sales quotas to meet, so they’re more willing to give you a deal. Ask your salesperson if the store has warehouse sales several times a year where they sell overstock, floor samples and returns. These can be a great way to get the furniture you want at half the price.

Shop at Garage Sales

Garage sales are a time-honored tradition and an excellent place to find second-hand furniture. The key is to be willing to sift through the junk to find the treasures. In addition to being a great place to save money on furniture, shopping at garage sales promotes sustainability and reduces the amount of waste disposed of. If you plan on hosting a garage sale, remember the following tips. You’ll need posters to advertise your sale, pricing stickers, and a way to categorize items (clothing, electronics, kitchenware, etc.). Some people like to use brightly-colored stickers that are easy to see, while others prefer plain masking tape. It’s also important to remember that cheap furniture may feel better but is usually unergonomic and will break down quickly. By contrast, high-quality furniture is often more expensive upfront but will last longer and save you money in the long run. Plus, paying with cash will help you avoid interest charges that would occur if you used a credit card.

Shop at Outlet Stores

Aside from the convenience factor, the biggest reason to shop at a furniture outlet is the cost savings. Furniture outlets feature discounted items from the original manufacturer. They may also offer in-store promotions and money-off coupons. You can also use apps to compare prices online before shopping at a furniture outlet. According to the Ramsey Solutions blog, outlet shopping is usually worth it if you can avoid buying something you don’t need. However, they advise you to always look for flaws in furniture at an outlet store. Some brands produce cheaper products for their outlets, which may not last as long as the high-end ones at regular stores. Furniture stores rush to get the latest styles on their showroom floor, making them more likely to slash prices during holidays to make room for new inventory. In addition, the salespeople may be more aggressive in their sales techniques during holiday weekends. Consequently, shoppers often walk out with a double-decker toaster oven and three off-white sweaters they don’t need.

Ask for a Discount

Furnishing your home can be expensive, but it doesn’t have to be. These money-saving tricks from shopping and savings experts will help you find great deals and make your home look fabulous for less! Furniture stores make much of their profit by selling on commission, so they’re often willing to cut you a deal when the sale is right. The worst they can do is say no, but if they agree, you can save hundreds of dollars. Another way to nab discounts is to shop during holiday weekends. Stores know people are in town, so they’re more likely to offer sales to attract shoppers. In addition, many retailers sell last year’s styles during these months to make room for the new furniture arriving later in the summer and winter. It means the stores are pressured to move out of the old stock, which usually results in major price cuts for customers. Ask your salesperson if they know this discount strategy and if they can give you an insider tip for when the store is holding its next warehouse sale.