Vacationing as a Single Parent

Vacations provide tons of opportunities for single parents to talk, play, and explore new things together with their kids. The memorable experiences that a well-organized vacation offers enable kids to be flexible, inquisitive, and investigative. Kids are also able to learn many things, from geography to history to culture. Vacationing as a single parent, however, comes with a unique set of challenges. Fortunately, the following five tips will help single parents pull off unforgettable vacations with their kids.

Traveling with Other Single Parents

A single parent is more likely to meet two-parent families than single-parent families during his or her next vacation. For this reason, some single parents, especially after the divorce, are afraid that they and their kids will feel uncomfortable during their next trip or vacation. A single parent vacationing with his or her children can take steps to make sure this doesn’t happen. First, he or she can travel with a company that focuses on solo parents or look for travel deals for solo parents. Second, he or she can team up with another single-parent family. It could be a sibling, close friend, or coworker who is also a solo parent. In this kind of arrangement, the single parent will have adult companionship, while the children will have playmates.

Staying at a Vacation Rental

Staying at a vacation rental is another effective way for a single parent vacationing with kids to make his or her next vacation affordable and successful. A vacation rental is likely to be more spacious compared to a cruise ship or a resort. It’s also likely to feature a kitchen that will enable a single-parent family to eat out less frequently, thereby reducing costs.

Get the Most Out of Deals and Packages for Solo Parent Travelers

The travel sector has recognized the growing number of single-parent travelers. Consequently, hotels, tour companies, and cruise lines are beginning to provide deals and offerings specifically designed for this category of travelers. Finding the best discounts and packages, however, takes time and due diligence. Solo parent travelers should also take advantage of deals that are beneficial to them even if they aren’t specific to single parents. Some hotels and airlines, for instance, offer babysitting services that allow single parents to take a much-needed break from their parental clock.

Staying Safe

Safety is important when traveling, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. When a single parent travels with kids, he or she doesn’t have another adult with an additional pair of eyes present or who is aware of where the family will be. Sharing the location through GPS with a close friend or family member could be an effective safety measure. Wearing masks, washing hands regularly, and maintaining social distance are other safety measures that can help prevent illness.

Enjoying the Extra Bonding

Quick decision-making is one of the advantages of solo parenting. Unlike a two-parent family, a single parent doesn’t have to consider what another adult prefers to do. What’s more, he or she can have quality parenting time with his or her kid(s). Single-parent vacations enable parents to learn more about their children and vice versa.