Vacation Destinations to Hit in 2022

With the onset of the COVID 19 pandemic, many travellers put many travel plans on hold; holidaymakers had to spend the remaining time of the year restricting their movements and keeping safe. Now that restrictions have been lifted, many holidaymakers are planning to go for the best vacation come 2022. In this short vacation suggestion list we will highlight some of these travel destinations that are going to make your vacation worth it for all those who like travelling, like Helen Lee Schifter.

Gorilla Trekking in Rwanda

Africa is among the most adventurous places to visit in the world. Its natural scenes when on safari tours are a lifelong memory. Rwanda is a country in Africa endowed with mother nature. Its forests are thick and full of nature. In this forest, we get to trek it and meet up-close and personal with the largest living primates in the world; gorillas.

Upon landing in Rwanda, you will find many comfortable resorts with a higher rating for the quality of their services. These resorts are located in ideal places surrounded by nature and full of fresh air. Tour guides are also available who can help in touring the country. Professional lead trekking leaders are also available if interested in walking through the forest to see the gorillas.

Uluru in Australia.

Uluru is among the best sites you can have in Australia. The sites give travellers a chance to connect to the spirit of Australia. The Uluru is a unique landscape made up of different land features like; its vast desert plains, the open landscape of weathered mountain ranges and rock gorges which complement the enormous scientific research by geologist. The Walpa Gorge Walk is another opportunity for adventurers to walk along its domes, experiencing the hot Australian temperature while viewing the magical views. Alternatively, adventure seekers can take a four-hour walking the valley of the wind, which is located at the heart of the landscape.

Aurora in Europe

We all have been left breathless when watching movies and documentaries by the scene of the northern lights. This magical site of the northern light is visible from late August till April. During dark nights with clear skies, the lights create a majestic dance in the sky, creating a lifetime memory for travellers. There are many other activities to complement the visit, with activities like snowshoeing, which is an opportunity for tourists who have to wait for winter to have such an activity. Some bonus activities include sledge dog touring and cross-country skiing which is fun doing as a group.

Eastern Shore of Virginia

By travelling along the peninsula, one will be able to explore barrier islands, visit the wineries that families run, and get an opportunity to swim in the warm waters of the Chesapeake Bay. For food lovers, there are plenty of oysters that are quite tasty. One shouldn’t miss an opportunity to taste them.

I hope these suggested vacation destinations may help people interested in travelling like Helen Lee Schifter, find a perfect location to create memories. Best of luck in planning for your vacation.