Tips for Taking a Tropical South East Asia Holiday in 2021

If, like most people, the last 2 years were a washout regarding travel and you are looking for a very special holiday in 2021, South East Asia is the perfect region to book a few weeks in a tropical paradise. The cost of living is low when compared to developed countries and, of course, the weather is guaranteed hot all year round; perfect for a few weeks of rest and relaxation and if you are at the planning stage, here are a few tips to enhance your tropical holiday in 2021.

  • Do Some Online Research – All the information that you need to make an informed decision is available on the Internet and with premier destinations like Phuket and Bali, you can book a 5-star resort that offers everything you need.
  • Be Prepared – Make sure you have a more than adequate supply of things like sunblock and chemical-free mosquito repellent, which will protect you from malaria and dengue fever. It is oh so easy to get burnt when in the tropical sun; even a cloudy day on the beach can do it and always put on the mozzie repellent prior to dusk. Research will tell you what essentials to take, while you will be able to buy most things, although prices are high on the luxury resorts.
  • Book Early – As the vaccine is being rolled out, we will soon be getting back to normal and that means millions of tourists, all trying to book their summer holiday. As soon as you can confirm your dates, you should be looking at flights and resort bookings, plus you will get cheaper rates the earlier you book. Here are a few tips when searching for luxury holiday accommodation.
  • Checking Visa Requirements – Prior to making any booking, make sure you find out whether there are any Covid-19 entry requirements in the destination country. Much like the Australian government, every country has their own Covid website with all the information you need; you might need to obtain a Covid fit-to-fly certificate, when entering the country. Some countries will give foreign tourists a visa on arrival, but check with the relevant embassy in your home country regarding visas.
  • Electrical Adapters – You can buy a universal power adapter set that you can use wherever you go abroad and do check before you leave that your devices will work without any issues. Some developing countries do not use an earth connection, therefore, there are two-prong plugs and sockets and checking beforehand means getting the right adapter.
  • Tropical Diseases – There are some remote parts of the tropical world where malaria is a risk and if you ask your family GP about the country you are visiting, he or she can tell you if you require any vaccinations. Mosquitoes transmit disease, which is why you must always wear repellent and a bout of dengue fever would definitely ruin your holiday.

If you plan properly and do some online research, your tropical holiday should be one that is remembered for all the right reasons.