Tips for a Smooth Home Relocation: What you Need to Know

Moving house can be a very stressful experience at the best of times and it isn’t until we pack everything up, that we realise just how much we have accumulated over the years. The attic and spare room are probably full of old clothes, device packaging and treasures that you don’t really use and without serious organisation, moving day can be an ordeal.

Here are a few tips from the professional removal company to help you turn a stressful experience into a pleasant one.

  • Get Several Quotes – When looking for a price, rather than settling for the very first quote from an established Bangkok moving company, you are advised to ask 2-3 contractors to quote for the project. You will then be able to compare prices and service and choose the contractor that meets your requirements. Make sure you verify that the quote is all-inclusive and that all packing materials are provided, which is an essential component of the move.
  • Professional Packing – The most stressful part of any move is the packing and while you might save a little with self-packing, for the little it costs, you are better off using the professionals, who have their own packing system with coloured labels. This makes sure that the unloading is a breeze, as each box has the name of the room and the contents written on the side, while loading is made easier when the professionals pack. If you are a bit of a hoarder, here are a few tips on how to let go of unnecessary things, which might help.
  • Preparing the New Home – It is essential that all the utilities are connected and that the entire house has been thoroughly cleaned from top to bottom. If you aren’t able to do this, search online for a nearby house cleaning contractor and they will have everything spic and span, ready for occupation. Moving into an unclean house is bad news, which could have consequences such as rodents or other pests that might decide to move in as well. Do not forget simple things like having the housekeys on your person and anything you can’t do physically, can be arranged online.
  • Order a Skip – A large family home would easily fill a small skip with the unwanted items and by calculating what you’ll need, you can order the skip the day before the move and it will be waiting to be filled. Google is your best friend and for a small cost, your waste issues are responsibly solved.
  • Children & Pets – If you have already moved with either kids or pets, you will already know that it is never a good idea and if you haven’t, then don’t. If you have teenagers, then they can certainly get involved, otherwise friends or family can entertain them for a day and for the dog, there’s always a day at the canine spa!

 Your choice of removal company is obviously critical and let’s not forget to check with the latest Covid-19 updates, which could put a stop to any planned move.