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How to Let Go of Unnecessary Things

Most people, if asked, can agree that they have some clutter or even some items that they do not need nor want in their homes. How does one let go of unnecessary items? One could ask Diego Ruiz Duran. He would simply encourage one to have a yard sale to get unwanted items out. Now how does one know what is an unnecessary item? There are simple questions one might ask themselves to help with the process. Will the item be used again? If the answer to that question is not, yes it can be used daily or even seasonal, then that item might be safe to get out of the home.

 Another question one may ask is, is the item sentimental? Family jewelry, a wedding gown, a baby blanket, or even a certificate of achievement. All those items might be something sentimental to a person. If an item can bring happiness or a memory to a person then if that item was taken out of the home, one might regret that decision later. When one regrets the decision then the possibility of clearing out clutter again is slim. Is the item broken and if so is the item worth fixing? If the answer is not a definite yes, then that item might be safe to let go of as well. Let us take a look at a simple item such as a board game. Are there pieces missing and if there are then can that piece be replaced or is it even worth replacing? Now one might not feel comfortable with the idea of tossing away items that are not broken and can be used again. 

Let us revisit the yard sale idea that Diego Ruiz Duran encourages. That option is a great way to turn unnecessary items and turn them into cash. It might be more encouraging to someone to let go of an item with the knowledge of knowing that someone else can use it and it will not go to waste. There is another option, just like a yard sale, but one can simply snap a photo of the item and post it on social media. That option might be better if the weather outside is not right for an actual yard sale. Now let us go to the moment of walking into the home and seeing all the free space that has been cleared. Maybe one has emptied out a room or even an entryway. The ideas and planning of that newly cleared space might be exciting and even motivating for someone to start the process of decluttering. Letting go of unnecessary items does not have to be frightening. One has to look at the result. Also, a person has to remember that there are simple questions and guidelines that one can follow to make the process more comfortable. Think about one item at a time and be sure that there will not be any regrets about letting an item go.