the cost of space travel

The Cost of Space Travel

There are plenty of expenses that are associated with the development of spaceships, and it’s incredible to be part of generations right now who have the opportunity to fly into space. Private space flights are on the rise, but even though costs are falling, that doesn’t mean they’re as cheap as a domestic airplane flight. As more interest develops for spaceflight, what are the costs involved when it comes to sending passengers out into space?

What Are the Overall Costs in General?

The cost depends on where you’re going. A ticket could be anywhere from a steep $250,000, to millions of dollars. Virgin Galactic, for example, will cross you over the 62-mile-high Karman line for $250,000. This is the boundary between the upper atmosphere and out of space. It doesn’t seem that you get that much for your money, right? However, you’d be surprised that around 650 people have tickets for these suborbital flights already! The date itself has yet to be announced on when the flight will take place.

In regards to the first private astronauts, Dennis Tito, an American engineer, apparently paid $20 million in order to spend eight days in space back in 2001. Another trip was made more recently in 2009 by Guy Laliberté. Laliberté is the co-founder of Cirque du Soleil and reportedly spent $35 million on a trip.

How Technological Advancements Have Affected the Industry

Technological advancements are one of the reasons space travel is a reality a lot sooner than anyone could ever have thought. At the heart of it is data. This is used for everything when it comes to researching and developing the projects that help to craft the transport modules. 

Today’s supercomputers are able to crunch information and use systems that are able to process data in a nanosecond. This gives scientists the answers they need in situations that are often time-critical.

Artificial intelligence is one of those that is already actively being used by those responsible for the creation of space travel. It not only helps with getting into space but also to help process any planet or space that is being explored. Engineering is also important to the creation of space travel. Microfabrication is essential to helping utilize space and to create just as much in power but in a smaller form.

How Those Advancements Have Increased the Affordability

A former NASA astronaut Don Thomas has said himself that we could see regular space travel happening within the next ten years. As a result of technology and the advancements it’s made, we could see flights to outer space being the same as an exotic trip to Antarctica for $10,000-$15,000. It all depends on budgets that are available and the continuation of technological advancements.

Space travel being a reality in the world right now is an incredible achievement that the human race has managed to achieve. Who knows what we accomplish in the next decade or so?