The Benefits Of a Lifetime Guarantee On Your Motorcycle

Yes, you are reading this correctly. It’s a lifetime guarantee being offered on your motorcycle. It’s quite unbelievable, isn’t it, but today’s modern motorcycles are so well built, that some retailers can offer you this excellent service. When customers see the offer, they don’t believe it at first, but when the terms and conditions are explained to them, and they are informed that the bike can indeed come with a lifetime guarantee, they are completely blown away. This isn’t something that is offered by the majority of motorcycle retailers, as it is only offered by the select few.

Clearly, there are terms and conditions attached to this offer, but believe it or not, they are not hard to follow. If you want to find out more about this fantastic opportunity, then you really do need to check out to find out more information. However, to give you some kind of background, I will try to cover the explanations here, and also explain to you about the benefits of this lifetime guarantee. If you want to live a healthier lifestyle, with less stress in it, then this offer is sure to help.

The T & C’s – These are actually quite simple, and clear. You can get a lifetime guarantee on your motorcycle, if the engine is over 250 cc, and the motorbike is purchased, from the above website, and it has less than 30,000 miles, or it is younger than 10 years, when you bought it from them. Here is the fantastic part, it doesn’t have to be a new bike, as long as it follows the previous conditions. It is attached to various models only, and it applies for as long as you keep the motorcycle. These are very reasonable terms and conditions, and not surprisingly, people are taking them up on this fantastic offer.

Free MOT’s – This isn’t a gimmick, because they will also give away a free MOT, when your bike is due. Imagine the peace of mind that you’re going to have, knowing that you have numerous years of stress free motorcycling ahead of you, due to this fantastic offer. Don’t try to find the extra terms and conditions, because there aren’t any, and this is simply a bike warranty, that extends for the lifetime of your ownership of the motorbike. It seems too good to be true, but it is real.

The worry lies with the store – By offering this exceptional guarantee, the store takes all of the risk, and all of the worry, from your shoulders, and onto there’s. If you are one of those riders, but only goes out on a motorcycle occasionally, they will complete a specific service and safely check each year, in order to maintain your warranty. It really doesn’t get any better than this. Don’t worry, your consumer protection is still assured, and you can find out more about it here.

So, if you had concerns before, then there is no need to have them now, because you have this fantastic guarantee behind you. It takes away all of the worries about purchasing a motorcycle, and now all you have to do, is to make a choice, from the many different kinds of bikes to choose from. Finance is offered, as well as part exchange. You no longer have an excuse, not to buy your motorcycle.