Stimulus Checks and Social Security Disability Benefits

The stimulus check that many American’s received in early 2020 has proven invaluable while living through a pandemic. Many people have struggled to make ends meet during this difficult time, but the US government has managed to give out more than $300 billion in payments to individual citizens to keep the economy moving. 

Those receiving social security disability benefits were automatically approved for the first round of stimulus checks, but what happens when the second round comes later in 2020?

It’s worth noting that Congress hasn’t come to an agreement about a second stimulus package yet. This means that the details in this article could change as decisions are made in Washington.

Will Those Receiving SSDI Be Eligible?

As with the original CARES Act, it’s expected that those who receive SSDI will automatically be eligible for a second stimulus check. It’s expected that a second stimulus check would arrive faster than the first.

As long as the Social Security Administration has you on record, you should get your payment in the same way that you got the first. This will either be as a direct bank transfer or via a check in the mail if you don’t have your bank details on the Social Security database. 

Do You Need To Do Anything To Be Eligible?

While normal citizens will only receive a stimulus check if they have submitted a federal tax return in 2018 or 2019, those on SSDI aren’t required to make returns like this. This means that those on SSDI do not need to submit a return to be eligible for a second stimulus check.

If you think that you should be eligible but haven’t received the first payment, you should get in contact with the IRS via their non-filers tool. It’s likely that they need more information from you and won’t be able to process your check until you’ve reached out to give it to them.

Can I Get Help To Receive My Stimulus Check?

Dealing with government bodies like the IRS and SSA can be a challenge, especially for those with disabilities. A social security lawyer can help you to check your eligibility for a second stimulus check, while also guiding you through the steps you need to take to claim it. There is still time to claim the first check if you are eligible, but you aren’t likely to receive this money until the end of 2020.

The CARES Act of 2020 was unprecedented in size and scale. The IRS has paid out around $300 billion in stimulus checks alone, and this doesn’t cover the billions that have been spent to bolster other parts of society. If you are receiving benefits for a disability, it’s a good idea to check what else you might be eligible for under the CARES Act. While the government is more than happy to help, you often have to ask them for it.