Rental Car Safety Tips – What to Keep in Mind

If you are going on a business trip or you just fancy a weekend away in a high spec car, you must take steps to ensure everything and everyone is safe. If you have owned a car for a long time, you build up a bond. You know how they handle and when to trust them in certain situations, the same is not true for a rental. Driving a rental, especially a high spec model can be exciting, but you must practice certain strategies to stay safe.

Inspect the Car

Before you hit the road, you should always inspect the vehicle to assess its current condition. If you are renting a top of the range model at, you should evaluate the condition of the vehicle before you leave the lot. You will probably be anxious to cruise off into the sunset but don’t jump behind the wheel just yet. There are several important inspections you must do prior to leaving the garage, here are some of them:

  • Check the mileage
  • Look for any scratches, dents, or other damage
  • Check the condition of the tyres
  • Check the gas tank & other fluid gauges

You should also open the boot to ensure you have some tools just in case you run into any issues on the road. You will probably be covered for breakdown assistance, but it is always nice to have some basic tools in the vehicle.

Eliminate Any Distractions

The main cause of accidents in almost every country in the world is distracted drivers. One minute they are looking at the road, the next minute they are focused on changing the song on their smartphone. Getting rid of distractions is especially important if younger adults are going to be using the vehicle. Many teenagers and young adults are involved in serious accidents because they easily get distracted when driving.

If you are handing teenagers or young adults the keys to the rental, you must tell them to figure out any technical issues before they start the ignition. You should focus all your attention on the road, even when you are an experienced driver.

Cover the Basics

To ensure you drive safely on the road, it is important to get familiar with the vehicle you will be using. Each car is different, and it takes time to get comfortable with a variety of models. If you have decided to rent a high-performance vehicle and you aren’t used to the controls, ask a representative to give you a demonstration or rundown of the vehicles system. Most of us just want to take off in a luxury vehicle but learning about each component is important for driver safety.

Whether you are planning a weekend away or renting a luxury vehicle for a business purposes, it is sensible to take basic precautions. You don’t want to have any trouble on the road, especially with a high spec rental car. Make sure you have the right insurance; you are comfortable with the vehicle, and you eliminate any distractions before you move off.