Mountain Bike Riding: A Beginner’s Guide

Mountain bike riding has become very popular around the world, especially here in Australia, where we have natural beauty in abundance, and if you would like your kids to get into MBR, a responsible stance is required. Of course, every child has a built-in love of cycling and MBR will build on this, and with the right bike, the right gear and a little instruction, your children can become proficient, and who knows? One day they might be competing for titles.

Here are a few tips to ensure that you and your kids enjoy safe riding.

  • Make it a Family Affair – With mum and dad on their own bikes, you can be close to the kids as they become acquainted with their bikes, and together, you can develop essential riding skills. Search online for a multiple bike rack and you and your children can head off to some beautiful part of the country and explore the trails.
  • Protective Gear – Essential for adults and kids alike, it is vital that you each have a protective MTB helmet, and at Sendy Gear mountain bike gear and apparel, you will find everything you need for safe riding experiences. Elbow and knee pads are a must-have, along with decent biking shorts and a top that allows the skin to breathe, while footwear with ankle support is also essential. MTB gloves are available from the online MTB accessories store, where you will find brand names at wholesale prices, and avoid cheap products, as they won’t stand the test of time.

Mountain Biking Styles – As you would expect, there are a number of riding styles, with trail riding being the most popular. Cross-country riding takes a lot out of you, with fast riding and some punishing inclines to negotiate, and these bikes are designed more for speed than durability.  Here are a few tips on leading a healthier lifestyle, should you feel you are inactive at present.

  • Trail Riding – The most popular form of MTB, which involves riding through forests, while this is not a serious discipline, more focused on fun for the family.
  • Enduro – The all-mountain style that is like trail riding on steroids, with long leg-burning climbs and white-knuckle descents that are exhilarating for the rider. The bikes are very light and designed for incline riding, and in competition, there are timed ascents and descents, and the bikes move at a very fast speed on the downhill stretches.
  • Cross-Country – This is very demanding physically and you have to negotiate climbs and drops and other types of natural obstacles, as you weave through woodland. If you know your way around, you can cover quite a lot of ground, and expeditions need to be planned in advance, making sure your kids are always in view. Here is some Australian government information about cycling, which is a useful resource.

Mountain Bikes

As you would expect, there are numerous types of mountain bikes, which include:

  • Full Suspension – Definitely the most popular, as suspension front and back makes the riding experience a lot smoother, which is ideal for your kids. The front suspension is located at the top of the front forks, where a section slides into the outer casing, while the rear suspension is usually adjustable, and you need to experiment with the settings to get the best ride.
  • Hardtail – Only the front has suspension, which is enough for some riders.

Whatever style of bike your kids ride, make sure that have all the safety gear, which can be sourced from the online MTB accessories store.