How to Ensure Your Delivery Drivers Are As Productive and Safe as Possible

The world has changed in a huge way when it comes to shopping. The need for products that are found online to be shipped within a day or two is something that consumers expect. A number of sales are lost daily due to sellers not having shipping options that are fast enough. COVID-19 has led to a number of people that used to shop at traditional brick and mortar stores to adopt shopping online. Delivery drivers are abundant in today’s world whether they are delivering food, furniture, or even your latest purchase from an online store. The following are tips to help ensure the delivery drivers you employ are as productive and safe as possible. 

Have Additional Drivers on Standby 

There are going to be days that are nothing short of a nightmare on the roads. Usually these issues are caused by traffic due to rain or snow. Weather conditions can make it dangerous to try to hurry through a delivery route. Overloading a truck can lead to disaster especially on slick roads that are wet or icy. Having an additional driver on standby for these days can reduce the workload on the drivers leading to safer driving. The standby drivers can also be used on busy days as certain drivers will always be looking for additional hours. 

Map Out Routes For Drivers 

There should be a mapped out route for drivers that incorporates traffic they will encounter. You might want the driver in a more rural area during rush hour and delivering in the city in the late morning to early afternoon. There are so many pieces of technology available that can let a driver know where traffic is prevalent on certain days. Events also need to be considered as streets can be closed for parades or other special events. 

Invest in Liftgators For Drivers 

Buying a Liftgator that can be used by drivers will help them be more productive during a day. Physically loading everything without assistance can drain a driver over the course of the day/week. Finding a Liftgator for sale online should not be difficult but look into the specifications of the products for certain vehicles. Drivers will appreciate this as constant lifting followed by long periods of driving can result in back/neck problems. 

Implement Holiday Pay

Holiday pay is important to implement as you never want to have a shortage of drivers available. A shortage of drivers can lead to long hours and a dangerous number of miles for certain drivers. A few extra dollars hourly can make a huge difference to a part-time or even full-time driver. You want drivers that are not going to rush through their route leading to an accident putting a hamper on the holiday spirit. 

The ability to rely on your fleet of drivers to stay productive and safe can drive a company’s success. Consumers want their products to be delivered in a nearly instant fashion which is something that can set a company apart from their competition.