How Recycling Can Save Our Planet

Humans create a lot of waste. Every year millions of pounds of plastic are thrown away. Even more trash items take up rooms in landfills. There is so much thrown away it is harming the environment. There is something that can be done about this. Shalom Lamm understands the importance of recycling and feels this is one of the best ways to save the planet. Lamm wants to keep climate change from getting worse and recycling can help with this.

Reduce Pollution

Recycling will help reduce the amount of pollution that is generated. This will help by reusing the items that were already made. Even burning trash is bad for the environment. When people burn the garbage they are releasing harmful gases into the ozone layer. This will lead to air pollution which can lead to asthma and other infections. It is also poisoning the natural environment for animals. If garbage is dumped in the oceans it will lead to pollution of marine life. These animals will be dying off. It can also harm the coral reefs which many marine creatures rely on for food and protection. When the trash is recycled it will be repurposed and put to good use. This will help reduce the harmful impact that trash has on the environment.

Help Save Natural Resources

Natural resources such as trees are used to make paper products. If too many trees are cut down and not enough are planted this can lead to a big problem. It will reduce the amount of oxygen in the atmosphere and will harm the Earth.  Shalom Lamm knows that when resources like this are recycled they do not have to be harvested from the Earth. This will help preserve some of the natural resources that we have. If these resources are used without second thought there may be a day when there are little to none left.

There are some resources that are expensive to manufacture and use. Recycling will help reduce the cost and it will keep these items out of the landfill. When paper, plastics, glass, and similar material are recycled this will keep them from taking space from the landfill. Landfills take up a lot of space and land is being wasted. When items are recycled raw materials do not have to be used. This will help the Earth and it will help reuse what was already harvested. This will be more environmentally friendly. When items are reduced there is no need to get them out of the Earth. This will reduce the carbon emissions and the wasted energy that will get into the air.

These are some ways that recycling will help the Earth. Recycling will allow natural resources to be preserved. They will not be harvested when they can be reused for the same purpose. It will also allow less harmful gases to get into the air. This will improve the air quality and make the Earth a safer place to live.