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Why Is Sexual Assault Such a Big Problem on College Campuses?

There’s a saying that going to college is the best four years of someone’s life. At the same time, it is important for everyone to make sure they stay safe. Unfortunately, the rates of sexual assault on college campuses can be high. Even though every university is different, it is important for everyone to factor these statistics into their decision-making process. Now, people are starting to pay attention to the rates of sexual assault on college campuses. Why are these rates so high? What can be done to reduce them? There are several points that everyone should understand.

The Rates of Drinking Are High

One of the biggest reasons why rates of sexual assault on college campuses are so high is that a lot of people drink regularly when they go to college. When people drink, they make poor decisions. In addition, this produces the people’s inhibitions. As a result, people may have sex with someone they would not normally have sex with. Or, they may be confused when they are asking someone else about a potential sexual encounter. Alcohol and drugs on college campuses drive up the rates of sexual assault. Until drinking and drugs are kept under control on college campuses, this will simply remain a serious issue.

Some Universities Want To Avoid the Bad Publicity

Another reason why rates of sexual assault on college campuses are so high is that universities do not adequately deal with them. Sexual assault is a legal issue. It should be dealt with by the local justice system. Unfortunately, a lot of universities operate as their own communities. Things that should be referred to local law enforcement may not actually get referred to them. Therefore, people who commit sexual assault might believe that the punishment for getting caught could be lighter. Universities may want to sweep issues of sexual assault under the rug because they want to avoid bad publicity. Bad publicity could hurt their application numbers, which could hurt their bottom lines. Therefore, some universities may try to cover it up. 

College Kids Might Not Know the Definition of Consent

In addition, some college kids might actually not know the definition of consent. They might believe that someone who simply doesn’t push back is consenting to a sexual encounter. As a result, it is important to educate university students on the definition of consent. That way, there will not be any confusion during a sexual encounter. Furthermore, college students also need to understand that someone who is under the influence of alcohol or drugs is unable to consent to a sexual encounter. Someone who is passed out on the bed is not able to say yes. Therefore, it is important for universities to educate their students on this process. 

Rates of Sexual Assault on College Campuses Must Drop

The sad reality is that the rates of sexual violence and assault on college campuses are way too high. Something has to be done to reduce them. When someone goes to college, they should be trying to set themselves up for a successful career. They should be doing everything they can to enjoy their four years, go to class, and make new relationships. On the other hand, a lot of college students end up being victims of sexual assault. This is not something that anyone should have to deal with when they go off to school. By educating everyone on sexual safety on college campuses, it may be possible to reduce these rates and keep everyone as safe as possible when they go to school.