gun liability insurance

Are You Committed To Gun Safety?

More than 46 million American kids are being raised in homes with a minimum of one unsecured firearm. Though this fact alone is jarring, 3 in 4 school shootings are the direct result of roaming domestic guns.

Gun liability insurance describes plans that protect insurers when unintentional shootings unfold, covering resulting injuries. The exception for accidental cases are firings in times of self-defense when legal auditors deem use of ‘reasonable force’ present. 

Other protections that plans provide include coverage of civil and criminal legal defense liabilities, gun replacement in cases of theft, retributions for damages, restitution for bail, and most importantly, psychological care. With mental health being another impetus for mass shootings and gun safety concerns, gun liability insurance battles two wars of prevention at once: firearm security and peace of mind.

For firearm owners interested in stand-alone policies, addendum plans can be conjoined with existing home insurance and renter policies to offer some level of firearm liability coverage. The first type is referred to as personal property protection, which offers plans for firearm replacement in instances of theft and potential liability expenditures for homeowners with multiple guns. The second type, termed umbrella liability, covers a wider scope of firearms as well as self-defense.

Show your commitment to gun safety by turning to gun liability insurance.

Is gun liability insurance required?