Groms: Designer Furniture for You

For centuries, furniture has been a mark of wealth and luxury, from the Jacobean era of the 1600s through the contemporary Scandinavian design of the 1900s. Although historic types of furniture can be found in retail shops, the designs of today are very unique. Over the decades, furniture fashion has shifted from ornate, classic looks to contemporary styles of furniture which blur the lines between art and function.

Though most people use the term “modern” or “contemporary” to describe the furniture of today the combination of these two terms describes two different styles of design.

Furniture is the integral component of a home and it’s the first thing to remember when designing a home decor. Your home furniture must be stylish and elegant, showing your principles and your mood. It also reflects your home’s first impression, and we are confident you want it to look luxurious and stylish. Always buy furniture online from reputed online furniture and decor shop. Groms allow online shopping for furniture easy for you.

Types of Designer furniture:

We understand that you need unique decorative accessories for home decor. What’s better than a sparkling and mesmerizing home that flourishes with the finest living room furnishings? At this one-stop-shop, you can fulfill your desire to get designer bedroom furniture. And with eye-catching dining room decor, you will warmly greet your friends and relatives with cozy and tasty meals every day.

Dining Furniture:

Including extendable dining tables, full wooden dinner sets, and elegant dining chairs to sideboards, rustic desks, display cabinets, and bookcases; all for the contemporary or traditional home can be found here.

 At Grom’s, we understand that the dining room is always the centerpiece of your home, and balancing comfort and creative design is essential. You will find a variety of great dining furniture throughout our range which will surely compliment your unique style. In comparison, our large range of upholstered fabric and solid wood dining chairs are a sight to behold.

Bedroom Furniture:

Your bed is one of the most important pieces of furnishing in a home. If you’re more rustic or contemporary, pick from many common styles to find the designer bed that is appealing to you. A panel or platform design is a popular choice for a modern bed if you’re in the market for a more traditional look. These parts are available in fabrics that are upholstered, metal, or wood and you can pick the one that better suits your design.

You can find dressers, sideboards, and nightstands, bed frames within our Bedroom set selection to compliment any home. If you’re trying to purchase a new contemporary bed to help you have the ideal night’s sleep, or just need to change from your old bed frame, you can pick from a broad variety of models.

Living Furniture:

It shouldn’t really be challenging to build a comfortable and functional living area. We have a fantastic array of living room furniture at Grom’s to suit any design preference and style. If you’re searching for some seasonal furniture to put on your home décor, an exquisite show cabinet, or a practical coffee table, you will find it all here.

Our collection of living room furniture includes coffee tables, lamp tables, table nests, console tables, TV units, and hallway furniture; helping you turn your home into a home with modern, traditional, and contemporary designs in a variety of finishes, colors, and materials.

We have a useful storage range for smaller spaces, such as sideboards and bookcases that are perfect for de-cluttering your bedroom. Consider creating some form of separation inside the room for larger rooms; be it using color themes, a coffee table, or even a sofa. With rustic and modern styles from a variety of leading labels available, you’re really spoiled for options.