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Careers in the Finance Industry

Financial Industry Careers

Financial Industry

Many would love to take the leap into the Financial Industry to start a career with a big corporation or to actually look into starting their own business and Alexander Djerassi would agree . It does not matter what road is taken as long as one gets into a career in an industry of their choice. So, in regards to the financial industry, there are many careers from which to choose. One may think that all of the options will be geared towards money and that is so; however, one needs to consider what is a good fit for them and what is their specialty area in finance as many of the options have a need for a group of brand new professionals. Let’s take a look at a few of the career options in the financial industry.

Career Options

A career in financial planning is one that is somewhat popular in the industry and it is all about helping individuals reach financial goals by assisting them to develop a financial plan. One should have expertise and knowledge in tax planning, investment growth, wealth preservation along with estate planning as all of this and more is a part of having a good financial plan. This is vital in helping clients reach and in some cases surpass the financial goals that have been set. In addition, it can not be emphasized enough that they give direction to clients to assist in developing objectives and goals that will make sure they are financially stable in the future. Most who pursue this career move forward with getting their certification, namely, becoming a Certified Financial Planner or CFP as it is referred to. Having the CFP certification makes one more in demand as potential clients feel more secure with one who is certified and knowledgeable.

It has already been mentioned that some leap into the financial industry with the career goal being specifically to start a career with a big corporation. Therefore, there should be no surprise that there are career opportunities in corporate finance.

And, those who work in corporate finance find that it is a career move that must deliver big on managing and discovering the much needed capital to run the corporation.
Next up is a job that is seen by many as a glamorous career in the financial industry and that is Investment Banking. This career involves facilitating issuance of new corporate securities and bringing them to the market for purchase by investors. In investment banking once getting in a firm one can basically sit back and choose what department or division they would like to pursue as these investment banking firms have many groups and divisions that have various responsibilities and goals along with objectives to meet. In an investment banking firm one can trade stocks and bonds on the trading desk or become a research analyst, analyzing stocks and bonds or even fixed income securities. With these many options alone one should and perhaps would agree with Alexander Djerassi.