3 Ways to Make a Living Online: All you Need to Know

If the current Covid-19 pandemic resulted in you being out of work, or you know a few people that work for themselves, and would like to join them, there are numerous ways that you can earn a living online. The benefits of working on the Internet are indeed many; there’s no travelling involved, all you need is a laptop and a stable Internet connection, and you can work the hours you choose.

Here are our top 3 methods of making a living online:

  1. Create an E-Commerce Website – There are thousands of Australians that sell goods online, indeed, you may know at least one person who does exactly that. The great thing about selling online is the minimal capital investment required, the only asset you need is hi-spec laptop and if you don’t have one, visit nimble.com.au and you can take out a short-term personal loan and acquire a powerful laptop from which to run your business. The key to success is outsourcing both your IT and logistics needs to third party providers, and with a digital marketing partner to drive traffic to your shopping cart website, you should be successful.
  2. Teaching English Online – The only stipulation an online language school would have is that you are a native speaker of English, and even if you have never taught before, you can teach young Chinese people English using the school’s IT resources. Your working hours would coincide with afternoon and early evening in China, so you may have to work unsocial hours, but after sourcing an online language school, you should be able to register as a teacher of English. The school would offer you support, and you will need your laptop, a whiteboard, plus a lot of online resources to aid with teaching. Here is an article about grammar check, which can really help when content writing.
  3. Web Content Writer – Almost all of the text on the Internet is written by industry professionals, and if you are a fluent writer in English, you can sign up with a content agency as a freelance web content writer. The agency might ask you to take an online English test, to demonstrate your fluency, but once that’s over, you should be able to register your services, and by signing up with several, you have more options regarding projects. Click here for government information on being self-employed, which is a must-read for anyone who is going freelance. You would likely start with blogging, and with a wide range of topics from finance to extreme sports, you will quickly learn how to write informative and engaging blogs and articles. After a few months, you might be able to write sales copy, and the rates are much higher for this type of content; the bottom line – if you are prepared to work 8 hours per day Mon-Fri, you should earn enough to live on, and like most things, the more you do, the more you receive.

There are many thousands of Australian citizens who earn a living online and there’s no reason why you can’t join them and live the digital nomad life of freedom and independence.