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Visualizing the World’s Largest Data Breaches

When thinking of a data breach, most instantly think of hackers, malware, or maybe cybersecurity at large. In today’s world, that couldn’t be more accurate. From January to November of 2022 alone, 15 million data records were breached. While cyberattacks occur everywhere, daily, 64% are committed against the U.S alone. 

Maryland alone has had more data breaches in the time between 2013 and 2020 than the entirety of China. Now, it’s important to note that these breaches do not all result from explicit attacks. While malware, spoofing, and ransomware are rampant, they are not the sole causes. 

Another major set of causes, for example, is simple hardware failure and software glitches. Sometimes the systems themselves fail leading to breaches in security. In a similar vein, sometimes people just make mistakes. Misclicks, lack of training, accidental changes, these all also lead to breaches.
This is all to say that data is valuable, but not invincible. While any one individual can do their best to protect themselves, mistakes happen, and so do attacks. Every business, country, and even family should be putting their best foot forward to stay protected from these causes. Learn more about the world’s data losses and data breaches below:

The World's Largest Data Breaches