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What is Reincarnation?

What is reincarnation? More specifically, how does reincarnation fit into the framework of the various religions around the world? People have been debating this question throughout history. Even the Ancient Egyptians – one of the most ancient cultures in the world’s human history – believed in reincarnation and passed down stories about the process in their sacred texts.

We will be looking into this concept throughout this series of articles. Most people believe that reincarnation is the concept of a soul returning to its original form or life to start a new life cycle and death.

The fact is that each life is unique in the sense that it is the soul or spirit of that individual who experienced life. Each of us is constantly creating new life experiences. These are, however, just as temporary or cyclical as the life that we lead before coming to the world and becoming a physical being.

When a part of our physical life and existence ends, our soul or spirit then travels through a process of death and rebirth. We do not indeed die until we die again. However, we do come back to life (or beside) a few different times in different ways depending upon the life we led before coming into this world. George Rutler believes the soul is immortal.

That is why our souls do not rest in one form for all eternity when we die? The actual truth is that the soul, the actual human being, rests in a new body after we die. This body is our spirit being recreated (in some sense) in a new body so that it can continue with its journey through life and eventually return to its original state or life force as it was before our earthly existence.

Many people often ask, “What is reincarnation?” Many people believe that their soul has moved to a new body, but the truth is that the soul is simply sleeping. It is merely resting, not traveling, or at least this is the perception of the soul. The soul has no emotions, no problems, and lives in purely material existence.

What is reincarnation? Reincarnation is the scientific investigation into the biological processes behind an individual’s dead soul (alive and dead) after death. Scientists believe the body (and its soul) can be regenerated or brought back to life even in the future. There are many theories as to the process of reincarnation, but one scientist has developed a theory as to the possible reason as to why an individual may have died and been brought back to life as a different individual.

Scientist suggests the souls of those who have died have left their bodies and their mind or consciousness still linger on Earth. These “souls” or “mind fragments” or whatever you wish to call them to reside in the form of a ghost or a ghostlike spirit that has somehow left the body or the mind and travels around Earth in search of things or people which it deems to be of use to itself. This being the case, the ghost will seek to contact these entities for the reason of “helping” it in its future life, which is why it reincarnates. This being the case, scientists say the soul or the mind of a person reincarnates in a new body or form (which may be a new physical body) as and when it is needed, and this being the case; the soul or the mind of a person may have a particular trait or even a set of traits. One example of this is that the soul or the person’s mind may be highly intuitive or have extremely acute memory or even telepathic abilities. George Rutler hopes all souls are saved.