What is Exercise Physiology and How Can it Help?

The term ‘exercise physiology’ (EP) is the process of rehabilitating an injury, usually with neck, back, knee and shoulder posture issues. There are other ways that EP can help a person; you might be preparing for a Marathon race, for example, and the EP would have the skill to ensure that your development was structured and in stages. The exercise physiologist has received special training that enables them to identify an issue and create exercises that are effective in achieving the desired result, and the EP specialist uses exercise as a form of medicine.

Preventing an Injury Recurrence

This is one area that EP can really help, and with an experienced Physio in Wenty who would schedule a few sessions to instruct you on the right set of exercises to prevent an injury from returning. It might only take a few visits to be able to continue the routine at home, and with the help of a professional, your health will benefit in many ways. Injuries often occur because the person is doing something incorrectly and that puts too much stress of specific muscles, causing a tear or a strain.

The Three Foundations of Movement

These are:

  1. Mobility
  2. Stability
  3. Patterning

The typical EP session would last around 30 minutes and would be based on the 3 foundations listed above, plus the sessions are fun-based and designed around you, ensuring that you get the most out of the experience.


The EP program can really help sportspeople; you might want to improve your personal best, or recover from a nagging injury, or you might be starting out with a sport and would like some professional guidance about which muscle groups to work on developing. The exercise physio is university qualified and understands the human body and how it responds to specific exercise, and if you would like to discuss your goals, search online for an exercise physio and book an initial appointment. This would enable the professional to get a clear picture of what you are trying to achieve, then the expert can set a routine of exercises, and during the short sessions, he or she would assist you through the program.

Muscle Mass

If, for example, you wanted to build muscle mass, this requires the right diet and exercises, lifting weights that push the muscles you are trying to build, and with a few sessions of guided physio, you can continue your program unaided.

High Levels of Fitness

If your goal is to push your body to the limits, perhaps to become better at your chosen sport, then you need expert help on how to achieve that goal without causing injury. Without expert guidance, you could injure yourself, plus you are not likely to achieve the same results as if you enlisted the help of an exercise physio.

The exercise physiologist is trained to help people in many ways and if you should ever be in need of such support, an online search will put you in touch with the right physio.