What does it take to become a realtor? by

Fernando Magalhães, professor of the CPT Training Course for Real Estate Brokers , highlights that the growth of the real estate market is a reality in our country, and has created very interesting opportunities for professionals in this sector. Among these is the realtor, who plays a crucial role in negotiations,

The realtor is the professional responsible for mediating sellers and buyers in real estate deals and has the mission of providing a differentiated service to conquer your space in the job market. In addition to training, you need a registration with the Regional Council of Realtors – CRECI.

According to Law No. 6,530

According to Law No. 6,530, of May 12, 1978, which regulates the profession of realtor, the realtor can associate with one or more real estate companies, maintaining their professional autonomy, without any other bond, including employment. and social security, by means of a specific association contract, registered with the Union of Real Estate Brokers or, where there is no union installed, registered with the police stations of the National Federation of Real Estate Brokers.

Requirements to become a realtor

Among the basic requirements is the requirement to complete high school and be over 18 years old. In addition, joining a technical course in real estate transactions is what forms a broker, but there is also the possibility of graduating from a technologist course in real estate management.


The completion of an internship may be mandatory according to the place where the professional is graduating. This practice is essential for acquiring experience in the field and is also decisive for choosing the area of ​​activity after graduation. For example, you choose to work with finished properties, leased properties, subdivisions, commercial properties or real estate launches,

The student must apply to CRECI for an intern registration and must be closely monitored by a responsible technician, that is, an accredited broker who will be appointed by the real estate agency or by a manager.


The diploma is obtained at the end of the course, after completing a minimum of 128 hours of supervised training. However, the degree still does not make you a realtor. It is necessary to attend the CRECI in your region to obtain your professional card. These are the necessary documents:

  • Identity document
  • CPF
  • Birth certificate
  • High school transcript
  • Internship signed by an accredited broker
  • Course certificate

The required documentation may vary according to the CRECI in each region. It is recommended to access the council’s website in order to verify all the necessary documentation, avoiding problems triggered by the lack of documentation.

Work register booklet

After submitting all the necessary documentation and collecting the necessary fees, the prospective realtor requests his portfolio with professional registration number and receives it at a ceremony organized by the council itself. From the delivery of the professional card, the realtor is able to perform his duties

Realtor: individual or legal entity?

The choice to become a legal entity or to act as an individual in the exercise of the profession of realtor is free. As long as the professional has CRECI, the performance can be done from any of these people. Even the self-employed broker can issue invoices.