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What Does Duly Noted Mean

Expressions in the english language can be difficult for those not exposed to them frequently. Even native english speakers are not familiar with every phrase under the sun. An example of a phrase that is not well understood by many is the phrase duly noted. The duly noted meaning is often misunderstood as it can change with the context in which it is written. Below is a description of the history of the phrase duly noted, the different uses of the phrase, and where the phrase is popularly used.


Duly noted is a phrase that has been around for a long time but the exact origins of the phrase is hard to find. With its most common use case being in the business setting it can be assumed that the origins of the phrase probably originated around the industrial revolution. As short speak for I understand and will take it into consideration, duly noted most likely was created to increase efficiency in the time leading up to the industrial revolution much like the development in short hand for business professionals to be more efficient with the expression of ideas. 

Literal Meaning

In the literal meaning of the phrase duly noted, it means to take something into consideration and to confirm that you heard and understood what was being said. An example of this use case would be a manager telling an employee that they need to do something differently because what they are doing is not satisfactory. In this case is the employee responds “duly noted” they are conveying to the manager that they understood the recommendations being told to them and they will take it into consideration and implement them. 

Sarcastic Meaning

Sarcasm can be a confusing thing to some people. There is a large portion of sarcasm that is situational and depends on tone and body language to determine if a phrase was said to mean its literal meaning or actually the opposite. The phrase duly noted if said in response to something with an annoyed tone is the main example of it being used in a sarcastic manner. In this context duly noted is actually used opposite to its meaning which means that the definition is that the recipient will not actually consider what the other said and will continue doing it the way they are doing it. 

Popular Use Case

Duly noted is a popular phrase within the business world. The main reason for its popularity is how it efficiently conveys many  messages at once with very few words. In the business setting duly noted means that the person heard what the other said, will critically think about what was said, and will implement what was said. In the busy environment of the business world people are always looking to improve efficiency and the utilization of the phrase duly noted is a prime example of the seeking of making things more efficient. 

Overall the definition of duly noted varies depending on its context. Much like many other words in the english language, if a word is used sarcastically the speaker is often actually meaning the opposite of what is being said. Duly noted is a phrase that you should ensure is being used properly. With its terse nature it is important to say it with a tone that is not perceived as sarcastic to ensure the recipient understands that you are actually meaning the intended meaning of the word. Another important thing to keep in mind when using the term is to ensure you spell it correctly when using it in text communications. There are many misspellings of the phrase and ensuring you are spelling it correctly will ensure you are perceived as educated and grammatically correct.