Ways To Market A Non-Profit Successfully

One needs to give the same love to a non-profit one would give to a traditional business. Marketing does not come easy or cheap, but one can make the most of one’s marketing abilities by following some of these simple tips. Shalom Lamm is the CEO of a non-profit organization, Operation Benjamin. He urges people to market their non-profits well. Most people use the internet for something now. That is why one needs to spend a certain amount of money on internet marketing as well as the other channels. Studies show that at least 70% of Americans find out about a business through online channels. Doing non-profit work is no different. One can hire someone to help if one does not know where to begin. The point is, one needs to focus efforts on this platform if one is going to market a business successfully. As the saying goes, “go online or get left behind”. Online is a great way to solicit donations without one needs the people to come to one’s store.

 Branding is the second thing one should focus on. Branding is a key component to make something work. Branding is the way one’s viewership can identify what is available. One might not be able to create something like the Red Cross or Salvation Army, but one can try. One way to do this is by focusing on one’s mission statement and cultural message. What does one want to achieve through one’s mission statement? What does one want to achieve with one’s audience base and loyalty? How important is loyalty to one? Loyalty should be one of the items at the top of the list. Otherwise, one’s mission statement goes out the window. Social media has to be one of the platforms uses moving forward. There are plenty of not-for-profit organizations on the internet. These companies became very successful by using the internet formula. Social media is part of that platform. One will find a majority of users using social media (at least to some extent). These people might not be using the internet 24/7, but one will find people there. All one has to do is create a business account for the organization on at least one social media platform (maybe two). That way one can reach as many people as possible.

 Media outlets are still out there. One needs to start using those outlets to help one’s business. Start by telling one’s story. It might not catch everyone’s eye, but someone is going to read it. All it takes is one good person to jump on board. One has to expose oneself just a little bit to get the results one wants. Media outlets are waiting. One also has to start fundraising in some way. It all goes together. Start a simple fundraising event over the internet. One will be surprised at the people who show interest. One has to make it real and heartfelt. One has to make it worth the other person’s time too. All it takes is a little exposure to take one’s business to the next level. Shalom Lamm thinks that the more heartfelt a person is when marketing their non-profit, the better.