Water Filtration Systems Become a Necessity Amid Climate Change

Water consumption is a problem we’ve faced on a global level for as long as humans have been on the planet. Humans require clean water to survive, and water is used for virtually everything we do from drinking and cooking to bathing, gardening, and even producing any new products that are ever manufactured. Water quite literally gives us life. Let’s learn about how water filtration systems can address these issues.

The problem is that, mostly due to new technologies, we are currently using 6x more water than we did 100 years ago, all while our clean water supply is on the decline due to climate change. In fact, our global water supply is such that for every 26 gallons of water, only ½ teaspoon is usable for human consumption. 

Climate related issues such as rising sea levels, natural disasters, higher temperatures, and unpredictable weather patterns mean that 1 in every 4 children will live in water-stressed areas within the next 20 years. 

There are certainly some things individuals can do to combat this water crisis. Water conservation can help reduce our overall water consumption, which can also benefit the environment and the animals living in it.

Individuals can also invest in water filtration systems that will keep their drinking water clean regardless of the environmental contaminants, to ensure safe water for them and their families.

Water is Life Infographic by BerkeyFilters.com