Using Plastic More Responsibly

Plastic is getting a lot of bad press these days, and there are some big problems associated with how we have been using these materials. However, just because we have been careless in our usage, it cannot be denied that in many ways plastic is an essential part of our culture. And it also has some properties that are incredibly helpful to the environment as well. Here are some ways to use plastic more responsibly.

  • Purchase Sturdy Multiuse Products: An unfortunate period of our history was when manufacturers made the move towards convenient disposable products. It was a time when we were still ignoring the damage we were doing. Consumers loved the ease of use, so they overlooked the poor-quality products. Today we need to be aware of the plastic we purchase. If we must buy plastic, then we should seek out high quality products that we can reuse and repurpose. High quality plastic storage boxes can be used repeatedly. And when the products are damaged beyond repair, we should make every effort to get those items to a genuine recycler, so they do not end up in a landfill or the ocean.
  • Purchase Non-Plastic and Renewable Products: We can do a lot of good for the environment by only buying plastic products that are essential. In addition to this when you do buy plastic, try to ensure that it contains recycled, and or, biodegradable plastics. This action will be effective in two ways. First, it will limit the number of plastics that will permanently enter the ecosystem. And secondly, you will be rewarding the companies who are making responsible choices with manufacturing. And this will drive the market towards more of the same behaviour.
  • Repurposing Plastic: For those of you who are handy and enjoy a good DIY or art projects. Try to find creative new uses for plastic items in your home that are destined for the bin. You really need to use your imagination for this, but you will be proud of your efforts when you are successful.
  • Rethink the Clothes You Wear: Fashion and cosmetics are responsible for a lot of plastic waste. But if you insist on purchasing natural fibres whenever possible. Then you will have nothing on your conscience when getting that new outfit. Some cosmetic companies are very proactive in their reduction of plastic uses, find out who they are and support them by buying their products.
  • Pay Attention to Your Trash: If you are not careful in your sorting of waste, you could be undoing some of your good work. Make sure you do whatever you can to get plastic items to the right receptacles. And try to make sure they have the least amount of other materials attached. Also, do your research about your recycling provider. There are some organisations that are now just sending plastic to the landfill because of economics. Make sure your stuff gets where it needs to go.

If the average citizen would adopt some of these strategies the amount of plastic ending up in the ecosystem would be reduced immediately. We need to become wise consumers and force the manufacturers to make changes.