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Transformational Leadership and their Importance

Transformational leadership is among the various types of leadership displayed within the world of practice. The reason why we have chosen to focus on this particular kind of leadership is to emphasize the necessity for transformational leadership. During these challenging times where the ability to present an idea and inspire employees, and also put the company first is a must.

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The issue is that unless leaders of corporations exhibit transformational leadership in these challenging times. So, the companies, they manage won’t be able to endure the turbulent winds. Also won’t navigate through the turbulent waters of competition. Examples of such leaders: legendary Steve Jobs, Bill Gates of Microsoft, Jack Welch of GE, and NR Narayana Murthy. In addition to these leaders, the name of Aditya Birla and Ratan Tata come to mind. When naming some of the Hall of Fame of transformational leaders.


Transformational leadership goes beyond typical leadership. It leads to an entire rebirth of the company as well as an overhaul of its position within the corporate world. In the case of Steve Jobs, for instance, Steve Jobs succeeded in altering the perceptions of consumers about technology, computing. Also about how people consume media in the modern age. In the same way, Bill Gates can acknowledge as the pioneer of this personal computer revolution. It has brought benefits to billions of people all over the world and transformed the world of business.

Arlin Jordin Washington

Additionally, NR Narayana Murthy can credit with incubating the entire field of IT under his management of Infosys. It led to the IT industry in India growing hugely and becoming an industry to be reckon with around the globe. In the end, Ratan Tata and Aditya Birla are both acknowledge for changing what were family businesses into a contemporary. Professionally run conglomerate that reshaped the business world within the region and overseas.

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In addition, these figures succeeded in not only propelling their companies to higher levels. But also in ensuring that they were pioneering and breaking new ground in their pursuits. For example, Tata company introduced the idea of the One Lakh Car. It means that millions of middle-class customers could make their desire to own a car into reality. In addition, Deccan Airways’ fame transformed the idea of aviation within the country. By providing the average citizen with the resources and the connectivity that was require through the introduction of making flying accessible to all.

Arlin Jordin Washington

We will be discussing each of these individuals and the characteristics of leadership that transform in future articles too. We will say that what all of these leaders’ share was a vision, and an ability. To turn that vision into tangible outcomes and put it into action. One thing to consider is the fact that many of our leaders possess the vision. Unfortunately, they fail to make it a reality. However, some leaders (who were truly exceptional). Such as the late legendary Ambani, had a mix of mission, vision, and ambition. As well as perseverance, which demonstrated that he is a mighty figure on the list of leaders who can transform.