Top 5 Sports for Social People

Top 5 Sports for Social People

Playing sport is a great way to keep active, but for some of us it just doesn’t sound like a choice way to spend our time. If you’re someone who’s more focused on the social side of life, why not combine fitness with friendship? Here are our ideas about the top 5 sports for social people.

  1. Badminton 

To start off with a low key sport, we thought we’d suggest badminton. Though it’s possible to play competitively and put a lot into it, generally badminton can be considered a relaxed sport that people play for fun – which means it’s a great idea if you’re more interested in the social aspect. So buy yourself a good-value Yonex badminton racket, and get yourself out on the court! 

  1. Running

Yes, you’re right – running is a pretty solitary activity in general! However, it doesn’t have to be. One of the biggest problems people have with running is finding the motivation to step out of the door, but this can easily be solved by joining a running group because it’s harder to give up on a commitment to other people. Additionally, this turns running into a group activity, and a great opportunity to surround yourself with a supportive environment and make some new friends. Running is a great way to start in shape, especially as you age, so finding a way to make it social can really help make your life feel more satisfying. 

  1. Rugby

As well as being a team sport in itself, meaning you form new bonds and spend a lot of time with other people, rugby is well known for having a robust social aspect. Whether it’s trips to the pub after a match, holiday parties, or simply a good practice session, rugby is a great sport to take up if you’re looking to mix a social aspect with a physical hobby. The team playing aspect of rugby is a great way to make friendships that will last. 

  1. Surfing

If you’re lucky enough to live somewhere with a good surfing beach, then why not join the surfing community? It’s famously laid back and fun, and you could really enjoy the surfer lifestyle. So whether you’re on the stormy shores of Scotland or sunny Bondi beach, why not grab yourself a surfboard and give it and its community a go? One of the best things about surfing is that you can also plan really fun surfing holidays round this sport. Why not head somewhere like Portugal, Costa Rica, Mexico or even Bali to try out some new waves.

  1. Golf 

If your approach to sport is more gentle than intense, golf might be the social sport to you. Often described as ‘a good walk spoiled’ after Mark Twain’s characterization, golf is a very sociable sport; the time you spend walking across the course is a great opportunity to catch up with your companion while enjoying an activity. Additionally like many other sports, you can join the golf club, and then as well as enjoying a sociable new hobby you can enjoy a whole new social life.

Hopefully, this list will have given you some ideas for how to find physical activity that scratches your social itch!