Tips to Keep Customers Engaged in Your Business

Tips to Keep Customers Engaged in Your Business

It is very important to keep customers engaged in one’s business if one desires to stay afloat through good and bad times. Connecting with one’s targeted audience on a regular basis and on an emotional level is one of the main keys in keeping customers coming back. Understanding one’s customers, and knowing, even better, anticipating what they like is the foundation of making loyal customers who will be there even through a pandemic. One should desire to present their business as human, not just some faceless, nameless or invisible entity. Make that human and emotional connection by introducing oneself by way of email, direct message, or whatever one would like to choose as today’s technology gives many options but take that first step and reach out personally. This is only the beginning of a great discussion on tips to keep customers engaged in one’s business from Helen Schifter. Let’s get more tips.

1. Take the time to actually build a community or forum of customers and clients. Online forums and communities are a great way to get connected and stay connected. This platform has been around for awhile and will continue to be that “go to” way of staying connected. This provides a way to have a direct connection and engagement with customers by addressing any questions and having discussions and a dialogue that are relevant and related to one’s market or industry. Updating and sharing information on a regular basis on the topics and concerns of customers and the business is another tip that one can use over and over again. And, to top it off, it is now easier than ever to set up communities and online forums as the social network sites like Facebook Groups, Google plus, LinkedIn Groups and so many others can get everything moving fast since many of one’s customers are probably already on the social media sites.

2. One can keep customers engaged by holding contests. This is a sure fire attention grabber. The customers will be engaged simply because they will be rewarded for participating. Most customers love free stuff and contests will keep them on their toes as they take part in a fun competition.

3. In keeping in line with holding contests, one can also host an event. Webinars and local meetups are popular nowadays and one should take advantage of these platforms too. Customers can have the chance and opportunity to meet peers and learn from them. At the event one can share special content and offers that are exclusive and make it feel even more like an exclusive community. During these special events one can create a product tour. This is a perfect way to reach customers and engage them be it on-line or off-line. It does not matter as it can be at a hosting event or simply on the website.

4. Make customers a part of the team by including them and considering their opinions. Do customer feedback surveys and give “shoutouts” to good suggestions. Also, celebrate customers on the business website if they launch something new.

Use these tips as Helen Schifter would recommend.