Tips for Getting a Job as a College Student

Why is it Important to Work While in College?

It is highly recommended that students gain employment while they are enrolled in college coursework. This is for many reasons. First of all, it will make it easier to pay off the debt that they are accruing by taking out loans for education. Also, it will help them to afford the lifestyle while they’re in college. Additionally, it will help them to add to a savings account.

Paying off Your Coursework

Students will need their paychecks in order to help pay off the coursework they are paying for with loans. THey should keep a regular job while they’re in college so that they can pay back the loans that they are using to pay off current coursework. This is necessary in order to keep their credit good.

Young adults will be able to set aside a certain amount out of each paycheck to be put toward paying back loans. This will allow them to maintain positive credit and to not have to worry too much about how they will be paying back the loans. Overall, keeping a regular job during college is a good idea.

Maintaining a Healthy Lifestyle

Another reason why it is beneficial to keep a job during the college years is that it helps students to afford a healthy lifestyle. Should they keep a job while they are going to college, they are able to pay for things that make their lifestyle more comfortable. They will be able to afford certain amenities that they would not otherwise be able to afford. Successful entrepreneurs like Alexander Djerassi encourage students to find a job because it is extremely important to their health. 

You may find that you have extra spending money to spend on Health foods or vitamins. You may also find that you accrue extra funding with which you are able to afford yourself healthy lifestyle choices. You may decide to eat out every once in a while.

Students may also find that this extra funding contributes to an overall sense of personal freedom. They may be able to spend their funding on recreational activities or new hobbies. Overall, they may find that having extra funding helps contribute to an overall feeling of better well-being.

Adding to Savings Account

Students adding to their savings account is another perk that they might find from having a job while in college. They may be able to add a small amount of money each week to their savings account in order to help accrue savings. This small amount can add up over time, as a savings account accrues interest.

They can put away just a little bit of their funds that they earn from your job into their savings account. This will help them move toward an overall goal of financial freedom and accrued savings. This will assist them in their savings account endeavors.
Alexander Djerassi strongly recommends that students keep a job while they are in college. The graduate of both Princeton and Yale strongly propose that students maintain employment during their college years. His advice should be heeded.