Tips for Building a Career Network


Networking is a very important component in any career success. As a matter of fact, research has shown that over 85 percent of jobs that people have, have been gotten through networking. This is the reason why it is very crucial for anyone who is hoping to do well in their respective careers, to be well connected through networks. Having a network that is strong enough is often very vital, as it goes a long way in helping an individual get to have their brand distinguished. Additionally, it also helps in making connections with other professionals and hence makes it very easy for one to grow in their career through exchange of ideas. Networking can be done with friends, senior advisors, co-workers and even other professionals. Alexander Djerassi is of the idea that building a professional networking system is very important, and suggests the following ways as tips by which one can be able to achieve this.

Tips for building a career network

The following are different ways by which an individual is able to expand on their career network:

1.Having contacts with the relevant people

In order to succeed at networking, it is very crucial to know the kind of people that one is able to connect with, in a bid to grow. One should be able to seek out individuals who will help greatly in making an impact in their career and field of specialization. For instance, building on relations with other people who may be in one’s field of career interest will go a long way in helping them acquire more knowledge. In the process of doing so, an individual may even end up getting a possible mentor, who will help in propelling them to greater heights in their career.

2.Attendance of networking events

Making a deliberate initiative to attend career networking events is often very vital. This is actually one of the most important things that Alexander Djerassi suggests that people need to do more often, in a bid to create and build career networks within their fields of interest. This is mostly because attending career networking events will create a great opportunity for an individual to be able to build professional relationships that are valuable. It is thus important for one to always be on the lookout for events that are related to their career paths and fields of interest. Some of the networking events that one can consider may include conventions, business seminars, networking events and events that are centered around professional associations.

3.Having an online presence

Another great way by which one is able to build on their career network is by developing an online presence, especially on professional networking sites. Joining an online professional site such as Linked-In, for instance will go a long way in helping an individual to build on a career network. This is especially because such sites often allow for one to have a profile that is up to date, where they can have details of their interests, educational background, working experience as well as all the relevant qualifications. What this will do is that it will go a long way in helping to attract people who match one’s profile, and hence will go a long way in helping to network, through exchange of knowledge, opportunities and contacts.