The Future of Nursing Homes: Physical and Digital

A whole new world – no not the Disney movie, but coming to a nursing home near you. The nursing home industry is being rebuilt – right before our eyes.  Gone are the days of mediocrity – people know that they have choices out there for themselves and their loved ones as to where they are being placed.  Let’s explore the new ways that nursing homes are evaluated. Let’s look at the future of nursing homes and where things can be improved upon.

First Impressions Start Online, Continue In Person

When people are trying to decide what nursing home to choose, many first Google the facility and look at online reviews. Next up are the rest of Google search results, news articles, and social presence. 

Since there are still a number of pandemic restrictions and visiting rules, virtual tours and digital footprint have taken the place of a lot of in-person visits.

The pandemic has shifted the focus of many nursing home facilities – cleaning protocols in nursing homes has never been more important.

An astounding number of Yelp reviews – essential in the online review portfolio of many businesses mention the cleanliness of nursing homes – a full 25%.  This is the #3 most mentioned topic when it comes to nursing home reviews following the staff attitude and responsiveness.

cleanliness in nursing homes

Image credit: GBC Cleaning Services

Reimagining Nursing Homes From the Inside Out

A nursing home should be as aesthetically beautiful as one’s own residence.  People aren’t interested in a mediocre facility, and the industry is reflecting this trend and is undergoing a major makeover – a bit of a design renaissance if you will.  It’s really a breath of fresh air to see how some facilities are changing the game in both the form and function of things that make a big difference such as flooring.  Modern design and cleanliness are taking a huge step forward and leaving a lasting impression on nursing homes to assure people that it looks and feels like home.  Ritz Flooring, for instance, has been rolling out flooring that you might only think would have been available for your personal residence.  Flooring might sound like a basic utility, but there’s quite a bit more to it than that.  Proper flooring replaces carpeting, making it easier to clean and disinfect – a must have for a pandemic world.  There are also antibacterial finishes and low-impact, slip resistant floors can help prevent falls and injuries.

reimagining nursing homes from the inside out

Image credit: Ritz Flooring

The Future of Nursing Homes is Human

Technology is still most definitely of the utmost importance.  That said, loneliness, caring, and the human elements of care are on full display for all the world to see.  We must always take care to remember the higher calling that we are entrusted with to honor and serve the loved ones to many.  Let’s show them a great life in their golden years.