Temporary and Permanent Vehicle Workshops: What to Choose

A vehicle repair workshop can be a business that fetches high returns, especially now that the number of vehicles on the road keeps rising. Building a vehicle repair workshop is not difficult, but the challenge arises when choosing between temporary or permanent structures.

Both temporary and permanent structures have their advantages and downsides as well, and it is up to you to select the option you think is the best. You have to factor in your needs, which will lead you to choose a temporary or permanent structure. Experts usually recommend temporary structures because they are cost-saving and can be quickly erected.

This article has prepared a detailed guide that can help you choose between a temporary vehicle workshop and a permanent one. Read through so that you can arrive at the right decision.

Factors that can influence your choice between temporary or permanent structures include:

Land ownership

You can build a vehicle workshop on land that is yours, rented or leased. Depending on who owns the land, you can easily decide to go for either a permanent or temporary structure. For instance, if you are the property owner, you can choose to build a permanent structure because there is little likelihood of your relocating later.

However, it is a bad idea to build a permanent workshop on rented or leased land because you might be forced to relocate at any time. Consider making a temporary structure that you can easily disassemble and relocate once the lease period is over. Smart-Space is the leading provider for quick building solutions in the UK. If you need a temporary vehicle workshop, get in touch with them. You can get more information about vehicle repair workshop solutions here, especially temporary ones..


The majority of businesspeople usually encounter financial challenges, especially when they are starting up. This means that they are limited in some aspects and are forced to choose an affordable option from the various options available. If you are limited on the budget, then you have to start working with the little funds you have available.

This also applies when making choices between a temporary workshop structure and a permanent structure. Permanent systems are usually costly and can be a bad idea if you are having financial difficulties. Instead, you can go for temporary structures that are cost-effective. You can end up saving close to 50% of costs if you opt for a temporary workshop.


Sometimes, people have concerns about how a particular finished structure will look. Some go for permanent structures because they believe they are more beautiful compared to temporary structures. However, the modern temporary structures are designed with elegance, making them look equally as beautiful as the permanent structures. Even though people associate temporary to something that cannot be used for a long time, temporary workshops can be built to be used for an unforeseeable future. While there is no problem in having personal preferences, consider the cost implications if you settle for a structure type.

Possibility of future expansion

Many people who venture into vehicle repair workshops usually begin with smaller auto workshops and expand their business as they gain more customers. Expansion can be difficult, especially if you did not have a plan from the start. That is why it is important to go for structures that can be easily and quickly adjusted to meet your immediate space needs.

Temporary buildings are the best option. They can be easily expanded without having an actual plan in place. On top of that, connecting temporary buildings to existing structures is quite easy since all you need to do is take measurements.