Telling Your Story is So Important

Everyone on earth has a unique story to tell. Although many aspects of human existence are universal, miraculously, no single person has ever lived the exact same life as another from the beginning of time. This reason alone is enough to denote that every person has something to say to the world that comes from a one-of-a-kind experience. Telling your story to the world is so important.

Across the globe there are about 152 million books in existence, and 2.2 million more are published every year. With the invention of social media, people have become expressive in different, more frequent ways as well. For instance, on Facebook and Twitter combined, there are 922 million new posts every single day. 

Of course, not all stories are created equal. A simple Facebook post very often has a much lesser impact than a well-crafted story. 

Storytelling is an art that not only inspires readers, but also benefits the author in many different ways. Writing for even a few minutes a day can help us to process emotions, to practice concentration, and to remember important things. Writing is also a key to success. 

One study shows that people who write down their goals are 1.5x more likely to accomplish them. Writing can be a hugely important tool for anything we wish to achieve. Learn more about the art and science of telling your story in the infographic below:

The Secret Power of Telling Your Story