Sustainable Products Worth Purchasing

Sustainable Products Worth Purchasing

What is it about sustainable products or those that are “green” that people find so appealing? Sustainable products make people’s lives better, and the earth becomes a more viable place to live. Helen Lee Schifter promotes a cleaner, healthier environment by using sustainable products. Understanding why we should be purchasing sustainable products helps look at how these products work in practice.

Take, for example, the new light bulb. This incredible technological breakthrough was created to take us closer to the goal of “putting out lighter” into our homes, workplaces, and streets, and roads. While this technology did not solve many of the problems we face regarding energy consumption, it introduced some interesting new possibilities. Instead of throwing away old fluorescent bulbs after their time, we can recycle them and use the hot air they produce in our homes. Just think about all the light bulbs that we can keep off the earth by recycling these old, inefficient ones!

Another example of how this type of product can help us is how it cuts down on electricity to power our lights. Old, electrical light bulbs release many pollutants into the atmosphere, polluting our air and water. By swapping them with newer, more efficient types, we save money and help protect our world.

There are several other examples of how sustainable products benefit people. For example, programs that support organic farmers and products are less detrimental to the earth’s health. These programs are aimed at creating a better consumer experience and helping the environment as well. They are purchasing organic goods and products, including clothing, bedding, and even furniture.

A third example of how this type of product can be suitable for a person comes from the fact that many products made from sustainable resources can be reused. Some types of sustainable materials that can be recycled are cotton, coconut, hemp, sugarcane, wood, bamboo, leather, and glass. Many kinds of materials that are not considered sustainable can be recycled in one form or another. These recyclables include paper, plastic bags, aluminum cans, and other items.

It may seem like these types of products are not worthy of consideration when it comes to buying for themselves. We are used to thinking of non-organic, disposable products as cheap and of poor quality. In reality, this is not the case. Many organic products that are not biodegradable can last for decades or even decades.

Another great reason to consider buying organics is that buying them can help their pocketbook. By purchasing them, a person can help reduce waste and pollution in the environment by cutting down on paper, plastic, and other materials that end up in landfills each year. In addition to helping the environment, buying products made from sustainable resources can help a person avoid paying a hefty price tag. Many products cost more than others simply because they are not biodegradable or have been processed in a way that releases harmful chemicals into the air.
Finally, buying something sustainable or organic can do something for a person in terms of style and fashion. Many organic products today come in an array of different colors, patterns, and styles. This array means that a person can easily find a type of shirt, for example, which fits their personality and lifestyle. For some people, being environmentally friendly can mean having a boring shirt in a deep, dark shade of green. However, suppose a person opts for something bolder, more unique, and only plain fun. In that case, a person can find a shirt that will suit their taste and style. Helen Lee Schifter recycles and uses sustainable products.