Concentrated dental technician wearing glasses and surgical mask making artificial teeth sitting in her laboratory

Six Factors to Consider When Choosing a Dental Lab Partner

As a dentist you should seek to offer your clients the best quality service. If they lose your trust, they won’t be back to see you. Here are some success factors that Stomadent Lab can help you achieve (

  1. For starters, when finding a quality lab, evaluate if your patients receive ADA-approved materials. If you make assurances to your patients that you are utilizing items that fulfill particular criteria, the lab you deal with should assist you keep your word. Ask to examine where they got their products from and double-check to be sure their sources are reliable and ADA compliant. 

You don’t want a lab that uses vendors that replicate alloys or low-quality materials to minimize expenses. You don’t want a cheap product that won’t last. 

2. Consistency 

Your dental lab should provide consistent goods and services. It’s easy to generate one example that looks pretty fantastic. The lab’s ability to maintain quality when filling massive orders is the ultimate test. No firm is flawless, and mistakes happen. This should happen very infrequently. 

Some of the things you’ll need to ask when it comes to consistency include how soon work is turned over and what the lab’s quality control procedure looks like. Rushing may indicate a poor product. Without quality control, items might vary greatly. 

3. Properly Trained Technicians 

Many dental labs advertise cutting-edge technologies. This assures quality goods, but its technicians must be educated to utilize the equipment. If they’re not trained then their technology doesn’t matter. 

Technicians should also assist you to make patient-beneficial decisions. For instance, they should have a digital scanner to make crowns and bridges and teach you how to obtain the best digital impressions. Properly educated workers improve treatment results and prevent remakes. 

4. Dedicated to Education 

New dental treatments and products are continually being developed. To assist you in providing the greatest care, the lab must keep its professionals up to speed on dental technology. 

A quality lab will support staff’s continuous education. 

Working with a lab that values continuous education gives you technical insights and other useful information that keeps you up to date on dental technology and treatment alternatives. Ask whether their techs are current. If you like the response, you may have discovered your lab. 

5. Great Service 

You’ll want prompt, polite answers about product, technique, and treatment queries. A lab with great customer service can reduce tension and frustration. Customer service’s helpfulness should be obvious. After your initial contact, if they are prompt, helpful, and dependable when you phone to ask questions about working with them, this may indicate that they go above and beyond to satisfy their clients. 

6. They Will Seek Partnership 

You desire a partner because the lab’s work can affect your reputation. They should appreciate great products and patient care and share ideals. You should also feel comfortable asking questions or complaining about their products or services. 

No lab is perfect, but if they want to improve, they may address criticisms and use it to enhance their goods and services. This protects their and your reputations. 

Finding the best dental lab for your office takes time, but it’s vital. Your lab should match your dedication to patient care.