Simplify Document Signing

Check out this video clip of Cliff Ennico talking about e-signing docs & tips for small biz.  Cliff is a lawyer and author on small business.

He makes some good points, although, seems to complicate what can really be a simple process when using an exceptionally simple online tool like Agree’nSign for e-signing documents. (shameless self promotion)

Around 40 seconds in Cliff talks about how valid & legal an e-signature is… just as valid as a pen & ink signature etc.  Great point… Then 30 seconds later the talk shifts to public/private key technology to authenticate a digital signature.  Huh?!

If your running a small biz I can assure you public/private key “stuff” will require a call to an IT guy and it’s a hassle.

Not to mention the parties on the contract will also need some “PKI” infrastructure on their end.  Which will likely lead you to print, sign & fax the document instead of e-signing.

If you were so inclined to employ public/private key technology (a hassle, A Green Sign is hassle free) you certainly don’t want to be sending your private key around the internet, something Cliff mentions.  The slip up points to how confusing public/private (PGP/PKI) stuff can be.

Agree’nSign uses digital fingerprinting and authentication technology under the hood and lets you focus on simply executing agreements to get business moving.

A simple way to guard against forgery is with 2-factor authentication.  Agree ‘n Sign can add a PIN number to documents sent for signature.  When your signing party gets an email invitation to e-sign, they are asked for a PIN, prompting a call to you for said PIN, closing the authentication loop.  Mr. Ennico mentions it’s good practice for a “follow up phone call”, in our case it happens before the signing ceremony begins.

The Agree’nSign service also offers Document Verification.  Let’s say someone cooks up a contract and imprints your signature on it, claiming you signed with our service.  Simply submit it to us for verification, we’ll be able to compare “Digital Fingerprints” and find a match in our system.  Just like each persons fingerprint is different, so are document fingerprints. Pretty easy for us to tell if it’s the real McCoy.

Let Agree ‘n Sign do the record keeping and forget the mumboe jumbo about public & private keys, what small business wants to deal with that?  Close deals faster and keep business moving with Agree ‘n Sign simple electronic signature software.

What are you waiting for?  Try it free now!