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Signs it’s Time to Leave Your Job

Signs it’s Time to Leave Your Job

There are a lot of things that can happen in a person’s life that make it time to leave their job. It is not uncommon for one to look around and discover they no longer have the drive or energy needed to be productive at their current job. According to pain management specialist Jordan Sudberg, it may seem like everything is going smoothly and nothing is wrong, but we must check our motivation regularly; otherwise, one day, something will catch us by surprise and cause us to leave our jobs without realizing it.

1. You Feel Like You Are Working Too Hard

It is important to take care of yourself physically and emotionally for you to be able to perform at your best. How do you know when you have been working too hard? When you are performing a task, and your mind is not completely focused on it, overwhelmed by the stress of a large workload or the difficulty of the task at hand. There is nothing wrong with taking on extra work when offered, but too much may be pushing yourself too hard. If this becomes a common occurrence, it’s time to consider whether or not we want to remain in our position.

2. You No Longer Have The Same Outrageous Goals

What started as an ambitious goal that took years to achieve has now become part of the routine and feels like an afterthought. Again, we should not be doing anything more than what’s necessary to achieve our goals, but even then, it can be too much. Without a doubt, this should be a red flag that you may want to consider leaving your position.

3. You Feel Like You Have Lost A Sense Of Purpose

This job was supposed to be the next step in your career path, but now you are daydreaming about other things. Have you begun to identify your passions, and are you still passionate about them? Are you becoming less motivated by the things that were once meaningful to you? Without a positive sense of purpose, it may be time to reconsider whether or not we still want to remain in our position.

4. You Don’t Love Your Job Or The People You Work With More

Nobody loves their job entirely, but at the very least, they should find it enjoyable. There are days that everything seems like a waste of time and other days that it is all fine and dandy with them. The people who work with you do not have to agree, but at least they should be willing to tolerate one another as far as work goes. It is impossible to be happy at work if we do not like the people with us.

5. You Feel Overwhelmed By Your Job

When it seems like there is a lack of any real excitement or passion in our job, it’s likely to be time to move on. As hard as this may seem, we should be ready for change because it can bring about a lot of positive feelings and progress in our lives, so don’t feel bad about moving on when the time comes along. The world needs fresh ideas and new ways of doing things, even if those are not your skillset.

Unfortunately, many people find themselves working in jobs they do not enjoy or are interested in. According to pain management specialist Jordan Sudberg, we must check our motivation regularly to identify when it’s time to move on. A position may seem as though it has no purpose at first, but over time we may find something special about it and a lot of good things happening around us. If your job is a source of stress for you, it’s likely time to start looking for a new one.