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Should You Become a Host for Airbnb?

Shalom Lamm Says YES to Airbnb Hosting

When Airbnb first launched in August of 2008, many approached the idea with a healthy dose of skepticism. Wouldn’t it feel weird to stay in a stranger’s home? On the flip side, couldn’t it be dangerous to host strangers from across the globe? It was a radical new idea of treating strangers as friends who were popping by for the weekend. What began as a curious new way to travel soon grew into a new age of hospitality.

As time passed and the company gained more hosts and travelers alike, people soon found out that this is overall a pretty fantastic deal for both parties. Hotels have become nearly obsolete in the wake of the Airbnb takeover. After all, hotels can’t compete with the square footage value that Airbnb hosts can offer. Travelers are far more likely to choose Airbnb in order to take advantage of the incredible value. Often for less than or equal to the price of a hotel room, they can rent an entire home with multiple bedrooms, a bathroom and kitchen, and maybe even a beautiful landscape view nearly anywhere in the world.

Because of this large-scale migration away from hotels towards Airbnb bookings, Shalom Lamm, a real estate expert and the CEO of Operation Benjamin, believes becoming an Airbnb host is an excellent idea. This site provides excellent value to the host as well as the traveler. An unused spare bedroom can be turned into passive income instantly. Nearly anyone can become a host simply by posting a few photos, writing a heartwarming and welcome description, and finalizing the profile for their space.

Many hosts, some even known as “super hosts,” go above and beyond for their guests by providing amenities such as breakfast scones, scented pillow spray, or a coffee machine. Small touches such as these help guests feel at home and create a luxurious experience. Taking care to provide a clean space and adding thoughtful details to give guests a memorable experience makes them far more likely to leave a positive review which, in turn, will draw more travelers to a listing.

As a new Airbnb host gathers more positive reviews from guests, more guests will likely book with that specific host, especially if the host lists the space at an unbeatable price. Value is the heart of Airbnb. Over time, this can easily build into a monthly income for the host. The host may use this income for anything he or she may desire, including purchasing a new property to rent out on Airbnb to create additional monthly income. It can turn into a domino effect, creating a healthy sum each month for the host.
In conclusion, it is easy to see why Shalom Lamm believes Airbnb hosting is a smart move for those looking to earn extra cash. Airbnb is a force to be reckoned with and is growing stronger all the time. Everyday people are creating a new stream of income for themselves through hosting in their homes.