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Riding the Economic Rollercoaster

Riding the Economic Rollercoaster

Tips For Riding The Economic Rollercoaster

The stock market has been up-and-up, with the S&P 500 index hitting all-time highs nearly monthly.

According to Jonathan Osler, the rollercoaster ride has many people sitting on the edge of their seats, with some wondering if this is just the calm before the storm or if the bull market is here to stay.

Being Prepared for a Promotion or New Job

This goes for new graduates and experienced professionals alike. If employees are about to move up in their ranks, they should be prepared for increased responsibility. Keeping up with developments in their field is essential, but so is staying ready for the next step up the corporate ladder.

Staying In Touch With Industry News

Workers should Keep up with current events in their field. This is important when those events impact their job search or career progression.

They are keeping in touch with industry-specific news and blogs. This can give the workers a look at how their area of expertise is being used in the modern workplace.

This will allow employees to demonstrate their knowledge and show potential employers that they are keeping up with current trends. Networking and building relationships with people in their field is always a plus.

Mastering the Digital Skills They Need

With so many change proceedings in the workplace, ensuring employees keep up with the latest skills needed for success in today’s work environment is essential. Computer skills are apparent, but others may be more specific in their career path.

Knowing how to use various software programs, including email and a browser, can be valuable. Understanding data types, installation procedures, and security protocols will allow them to function as a team.

Making the Most of Change

Change is an ever-present reality in the workplace. Employees can either sit back and complain about it or use it.

As this economic rollercoaster puts more pressure on workers than ever before, it can be a magnificent opportunity for those willing to learn.

If they are about to come onboard a new team or be promoted to a new position, they should be sure to bring their A-game. If things are changing, there may be an opportunity for them to take charge and show their management skill.

Being Current with the Latest Business Trends

Business trends are constantly changing, and more importantly, they are changing quickly.

Keeping up with the latest business trends can help employees stand out to potential employers and show their knowledge of current events in their industry. The employees should read business news and follow relevant Twitter accounts to stay informed on the latest trends.


Jonathan Osler believes it is essential to stay briefed and prepared for the changing economic climate. The best way to do this is to ensure the employees are ready for a promotion or a new job. They keep in touch with industry news and blogs, network with people in their field, keep their computer skills up-to-date, and make the most of change.