replacement lenses

The Value of Replacement Lenses

64% of American adults wear prescription eyewear. Most plan to spend about $173 on each glasses purchase and need replacement glasses every 1-3 years. Oftentimes, glasses frames outlive their lenses. If you’re a consumer looking to save money or preserve your style, you might consider buying replacement lenses next time your prescription changes.

Lenses need to be replaced for a variety of reasons. Sometimes they develop scratches or breaks from excessive use. Other times the wearer’s prescription changes as they age, meaning the lens is no longer sufficient for proper vision. With replacement lenses, you can upgrade any frames to the latest glasses technology. Same glasses, better vision.

When choosing your next lenses, you can take your pick of materials and lens coatings for added benefits. Plastic lenses are the most affordable, but they don’t block UV radiation the way polycarbonate lenses can. Glass is naturally scratch-resistant, but glass lenses are prone to cracks and shattering. Lens coatings can offer additional protection against reflections, blue light, and fog. Another possible addition to lenses are tints. Colored lenses aren’t just for show; many wearers report other benefits. For example, rose tinted glasses enhance depth perception and may reduce migraines for wearers.

The World of Replacement Lenses
Source: LensFactory