ready to drink cocktail

The Ready to Drink Cocktail: A Quarantine Innovation

This might not come as a surprise, but during the pandemic, studies show that people were consuming more alcohol than prior to the pandemic. By how much, you might wonder? In 2020, 44% of Americans were buying their alcohol online – an increase of 243%.  Instacart specifically reported a 75% in their orders that included alcohol. From 2019-2020, alcohol consumption increased by 14%. Of particular note were standouts above this buying trend in women (17%), as well as Millennials & Gen X: (19%). You could tell that the time was right for the ready to drink cocktail.

One of the things that changed for many during the pandemic was the inability to frequent their favorite bars to get the drink for them from their favorite mixologist. An emerging trend that came out of the pandemic was the ready to drink cocktail, or what others refer to as a made for you drink. This new and convenient way to consume even comes in a variety of frozen cocktails. Last year, these ready to drink cocktails grew 43% worldwide and by 2024, ready to drink as a sub-market is expected to make up 20% of the alcoholic beverages that are made online.

To learn more about the fascinating new trend that is known as the ready to drink cocktail, check out this visual deep dive below:

Ready To Drink Cocktails