Pros and Cons of Email Marketing

When a person is starting a business marketing is very important. Father George Rutler knows the importance of marketing to get the word out. He knows that there are many modern ways that a person can spread the word about their business and the services that they offer. Rutler is familiar with email marketing. He feels that while this is a good way to reach the masses, email marketing has become outdated over the past couple of years. He knows there are pros and cons to email marketing.

Pro – Saves Time

Email marketing can reach a lot of people in a matter of one minute. One email can reach hundreds of people. This will save a lot of time with individual marketing. If one email will only take a few minutes to send out there is no reason why this type of marketing should not be used.

Cons – Emails Get Ignored

Father George Rutler wants to point out that while email marketing is efficient most people will not view the email. If it is something that they have not requested they will ignore the email. Some people will not even read it, they will just delete it. These emails may go to the spam or the junk folder and a person will not even know they received an email.

Pro – Builds Relationships with the Consumer

Email marketing will allow customers to learn more about the business. They can learn the mission of the business and they can also see the human side to the operation. Most modern consumers are looking for ways to develop a lasting relationship with the business. They want a company that is going to do more than just sell them products or services. They want to feel important. If a customer feels valued this will help increase loyalty to the brand. Reaching people through email is a great way to develop this relationship.

Con – Consistent Updating

When a person begins to get an email from a company and finds out new information they are going to want to get this information regularly. This is a lot to write. A company will need to have an employee or maybe even a department just for emails. If a customer does not get consistent information they will lose interest and move on. This can hurt the reputation of a company. If a custom responds to the email they are going to want a response in a timely manner. A business will need to rely upon the customer so they can continue to develop a relationship. If they are not able to reply to the email this can damage the relations with the customers.

There are both pros and cons to email marketing. While a person can reach a lot of people at one time they have a lot of competition. The emails may not even be read. If they are a person, they can attract a lot of business. When developing a marketing plan emails can be part of it but they should not be the sole focus on marketing.