Hurricane headed toward Boca Raton.

How To Prepare Your Business Technology For A Hurricane

The city of Boca Raton and other cities along the coast of Florida are often vulnerable to the effects of hurricanes, but your essential company data shouldn’t be. 

Part of any solid business plan includes a comprehensive backup plan. It is vital to seek out and secure a recovery services provider. Specifically, a service provider with local ties that understands your company’s background and needs.

Utilizing managed IT services is the ideal solution to your company’s needs and future preparedness. 

When enhancing your IT security and backup solutions, it is critical that you find a dependable services company that can offer you end-to-end reliability with personable and supportive staff to handle all of your needs.

Data Backup

A critical aspect of IT services is backing up your data. This is helpful in ensuring that your valuable information is protected, should something unfortunate occur on company premises, such as a natural disaster. 

IT threats- both internal and external- are unfortunately becoming more prevalent and pervasive. 

The nature of these threats creates a critical need to address security concerns. Both your clients’ and your business’s information need protection from threats such as spam and malware, as well as natural disasters. 

Enhanced 24/7 digital encryption allows for substantially increased peace of mind that your proprietary information is secure.


Implementing an effective communication strategy increases clarity and ease of use both internally and externally. 

Utilizing updated and upgraded communication services will save you time, money, and stressful customer interactions. VOIP (or Voice Over IP Phone) System Solutions could be the answer to your problems. 

Moving to VOIP will allow you to get rid of outdated and expensive landlines. This reduces the cost of calling at long distance or international rates and utilizing the ever-present smartphone to take over office phone extensions.

Additionally, meetings and training can be conducted via VOIP. This will lead to increased missed productivity should the office not be accessible to employees during a natural disaster or other emergency, such as lockdowns due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Operate Remotely

Cloud computing is an extremely valuable tool for continuity in the workplace, wherever your office may be at any moment. 

Whether a hurricane moves employees to alternate locations or a continued pandemic keeps people home, the ability to operate remotely keeps operations running smoothly. 

No matter what device you’re working on, all of your business needs are continuously accessible. Your customers and clients will appreciate the seamless service you will able to provide when you utilize cloud computing. Some employee recognition software platforms can be beneficial to employee work rate when you are operating remotely.

On-Site Support Plan

Establishing an on-site support plan will guarantee support when you need it most. Additionally, knowing that knowledgeable and skilled support staff are at the other end of the phone provides comfort and security even before you need it. 

Managed IT services can offer many different services for your company to utilize, such as an advanced help desk, which is a complete and user-friendly dashboard that allows the whole business and its employees to ask questions and request IT support.

If you already have your own IT department, managed IT services can even be integrated to enhance yours. Managed IT services can make your business operate more efficiently.

Natural disasters occur every year that bring everyday daily life to a halt. Businesses scramble to prepare their storefronts and premises in order to attempt to protect their business from losing too much money. 

You’ve worked hard to grow your organization. We can help you to prepare a backup plan in case of emergency. Then, we will help to implement it to ensure that it is there when you need it. It is smart to be proactive and connect with a Boca Raton IT services company to secure your data.