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Is Pet Insurance Right for You?

In the US, the majority of us are pet owners. In fact, in 2020, the number of pet owners reached 70%, which puts us at an unprecedented high. Of course, everyone wants to be the best pet parent possible. We love our fur babies! Still, the cost of owning and caring for a pet can be pretty steep. 

In the first year of pet ownership, all the one-time expenses, such as spay or neuter, in addition to the normal car, add up to an average of about $1,300 dollars for small dogs and nearly $2,000 for large dogs. After the first year, those averages fall to $580 for small dogs and $875 for large dogs. Those numbers don’t seem so bad, but what happens when a pet needs emergent care due to accidents or injuries? These kinds of needs are the cause for rising costs of pet upkeep. 

Some of the most common pet accidents can still pack a hefty punch to the wallet. For instance, treatment for accidental poisoning averages at almost $1,800, a torn ACL can be $3,300, and cancer treatment is $5,000. 

Of course, the first course of action to prevent unexpected medical bills is to do everything possible to keep your pet healthy. The second thing is to get pet insurance.

Three out of four pet owners do not have pet insurance, but this insurance can help significantly with keeping medical bills to a minimum should your pet need unexpected care. It’s all part of being the best pet parent.

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